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Thread: From Justin To Kelly - 06/20

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    Well, I , for one, am quite certain the movie will be pretty cheesy, but have every intention of seeing it anyway. I became completely smitten with Kelly Clarkson during the first season and will probably buy every album she ever puts out, so I have to see the movie too, of course.

    However, I will probably go to the theater in a disguise...

    Shazzer, I think you have a vaild point. This movie will most likely flop due to the "pre-hate" vibe attached to it. Kelly and Justin will always have to do alot to rise above the American Idol label to prove that they are legitimate artists. Of course, people never care for musicians turning into actors anyways (Mariah, Britney, Madonna etc.) Although Cher has done just fine for herself as an actess...
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    Any Clay and Ruben fans worried that if this movie bombs they wont make one with Clay and Ruben? :
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    Mr. Bunbury
    Originally posted by John
    Showgirls at least had nudity going for it. FGF didn't even have that.
    Oh, I see. Please excuse my naivete.

    Originally posted by Terena79
    Any Clay and Ruben fans worried that if this movie bombs they wont make one with Clay and Ruben? :
    Not worried because I'm sure TPTB will try to milk them as much as possible. From reading the Clay thread, I think the ladies would flock to the theatres to see a beach-bunny movie with a topless Clay.

    I agree that the Britney, Mariah, and Madonna movies look really bad; however, I don't think ALL singer movies are bad. I thought "A Hard Day's Night" with the Beatles was quite enjoyable.

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    Originally posted by Miss Filangi
    However, I tend to judge movies on the trailers and if it captures my interest, I'll give it a shot. If not, then I don't go see it.
    Me too. If I like the trailers, then I'll go. No matter what the critics or anyone else says.

    I really don't like musicals either, so this movie had points already against it. Moulin Rouge was okay, though.

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    well, My daughter owns Crossroads... yes, I've seen it.

    My daughter also wants to go see From Justin To Kelly.

    I have a feeling it will be fun. We may do it as a girls day out. My sis in law wants to see it so maybe we'll go with her.

    I'll let you all know if we do go. There are about 6 movies she wants to see, and considering there's no way we're seeing all six, I don't know if this one will make the cut.
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    I think many movies flop because they're trying to make movies around a singer to capitalize on his or her music career. However, movies that are scripted and casted in which singers are casted due to actual acting ability are often successful. Two phenomenal acting jobs by singers that I can think of are Cher in Moonstruck and Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember...

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    I've seen Crossroads too Cali, though thankfully I wasn't subjected to it in the theater.
    Has anyone actually seen it yet today???

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    Originally posted by Feifer
    Our local movie critic says that From Justin to Kelly is THE WORST movie musical ever made. Bad story, awful clothes, bad dancing, terrible editing. I am not sure I will see this any time soon. Maybe never.
    My God, feel sorry for me..........it's raining and my 12 year old daughter is dying for me to take her to see it..........I rather bite my toenails

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    Originally posted by John
    So, we happen to catch a commercial for this today, and my wife says "it really bothers me when Kelly says 'my friends call me Kelly'. No shite! That's her frickin' name!"

    Just thought I'd share.
    That bothers me too.

    The script, the script! Well, what do we expect from the people who wrote Spice World.

    I think this movie was made for the subteen set. I think they will like it. The reviewers do have a lot of assumptions, as Shazzer spelled out, but I bet kids under the age of 11 will like it.
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    If you have seen the clips they showed on AI2 I just don't know how you could subject yourself to this.
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