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Thread: Spin Off Movies you wish they made?

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    Spin Off Movies you wish they made?

    Which minor characters in movies do you wish were stars of their own movies?

    -A Gigalo Joe movie starring Jude Law- from AI
    -A Teddy from Memento movie starring Joe Pantaliano (In Prequel form;its the only way)

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    While you were sleeping - Peter.... (Gallagher's character)..it would be cool to have a spinoff about him after the main movie...

    LOTR - Aragorn ..... Even tho he's big part of the movie & book & not a MINOR character persae, it would be cool to have one with ONLY his adventures and tales apart from the ring adventure.... he's an interesting character.

    Four wedding & a funeral - Fifi (played by Kristin Scott THomas) would be an interesting character for a spin-off :-)

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    "Rollergirl: Exposed"--a biopic in which Heather Graham reprises her standout role from "Boogie Nights"

    "Bad A** Mother******"--a movie that's nothing but Samuel L. Jackson's character from "Pulp Fiction"

    "The Lady in the Radiator Movie"--seen David Lynch's "Eraserhead"? Aren't you in the least bit curious?
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