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Thread: Hollywood Homicide - 06/13

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    Hollywood Homicide - 06/13

    from Hollywood.com
    Hollywood Homicide (2003)

    Synopsis: Veteran detective Joe Gavilan, a weary but tenacious police veteran at the top of his game professionally, though his personal life is rapidly unraveling. His partner, K.C. Calden, seems to be more interested in his side jobs as a yoga teacher and aspiring actor than in the high-profile gangland-style murder they are currently investigating. Welcome to the land of blue skies, palm trees and dead bodies.

    Genre(s): Crime, Drama Rating: MPAA PG-13: violence, sexual situations and language Runtime: 111 mins. Theatrical Release: 06/13/2003

    Cast & Role
    Harrison Ford - Joe Gavilian
    Josh Hartnett - K C Calden
    Lena Olin - Ruby
    Bruce Greenwood - Bennie Macko
    Isaiah Washington - Antoine Sartain
    Lolita Davidovich - Cleo
    Keith David - Leon
    Percy 'Master P' Miller - Julius Armas

    Crew & Credit
    Ron Shelton - Director/ Producer
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    I don't know about this movie. Harrison Ford usually looks like a dork, at least to me, when he's trying to be cool and funny. This one looks like it will be a video rental for me.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I have really gone of Harrison in the past few years.
    After seeing him in What Lies Beneath, where he seemed so "wooden" and had zero chemistry with Michelle Pfeiffer, I've rally been turned off him.

    He always seems so unimpressive in interviews too, like he thinks it's all so beneath him.
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    hee Mdrio9's Avatar
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    I think this movie looks pretty good. And...Lena Olin from Alias is in it!

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    Harrison Ford is one of those guys who wants the money and the things being a celebrity can get you, but doesn't want any of the bad things being a celebrity entails. Sorry, Harry, you can't have it both ways.

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    What...no one is going to throw in a for Josh Hartnett?

    I'll probably see it. I like Hartnett and I would be interested to see him play a cop. I do have to agree with you guys though. Ford is slipping.

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    You're right, Z! Can't believe I didn't mention Josh. I do like him but he's not a very good actor, imo. He comes off looking dorky when he's trying to be funny, but I like his serious look. Josh is still a hunk, though.

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    I saw it yesterday. It was a good little flick. Nothing spectacular, but enjoyable. I really liked the characters even though the story lagged at times. I'm a big fan of Josh Hottnett... I mean Hartnett.
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