Just one of the reasons I don't go to McDonalds.

Holy wow! I just finished this and it surprised me (I just saw that there was a thread here and I know if there is a thread I should check it out!)

I agree with Critical, I feel so sorry for Gypsy. The physical and emotional abuse is mind blowing. To be trapped like that for 23 years! I also liked the dad and stepmother. And he had her when he was 17. I'm sure they spoke on the phone, but he was too far away to actually be physically involved.

The only solace I have is that she is probably having a better life in prison than she had. And is probably getting an education and just being able to walk is a freedom she never had before. I do hope she is getting therapy in prison (sadly I doubt it).

I felt the documentary was very well done and had me not only riveted, but I kept catching myself saying 'oh my God!' out loud.