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Thread: More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

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    More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

    Unlike previous episodes of More to Love, this episode, in which we'll see the final four go on dates with Luke, doesn’t give us much of a lead in to said dates. Let’s do away with a lead in as well and get right to it. Luke tells us that he’ll be going on one-on-one dates with each of the ladies and, on those dates, members of that girl’s family will be there as a surprise. Oh, what fun! Nothing says romance more than a surprise visit from your parents!

    Differences Schmifferences
    Tali meets Luke out front and they head off in the limo. Tali admits to us that her weight has been an issue for her in Israel. Luke hopes to see if the serious Tali can let down her hair and have some fun. They’ll be racing go-carts at an indoor track and Tali is mui competitive. Luke seems to enjoy the new, agro Tali: he thinks it’s sexy. Of course, they sit down to eat. Their servers are Tali’s aunt and uncle. She doesn’t notice them at first: she’s fixated on the food.

    Once Tali recognizes her family, she breaks into tears. They all sit and talk, mainly about the challenge of Luke and Tali being from two different cultures. It seems that Tali’s aunt married someone who is not of their same culture. Why all the dancing around the whole “cultural differences” thing? She comes from a conservative Jewish family and he doesn’t. Luke tells them that he thinks their differences may pose some challenges, but says it can work if they love each other. Tali’s Uncle Leo cautions that, while things may not be too difficult for them in America, their differences would create a huge problem in Israel. Leo wonders if Tali’s family would even accept Luke. Wow, so are all the family members going to be so encouraging and supportive?

    Tali takes some time to talk to her aunt. She says she gets chills whenever Luke looks at her and will be heartbroken if he doesn’t choose her. Luke and Tali’s uncle talk some more about her very religious parents. Leo admits he had the same experience that Luke may very well have if he chooses Tali. Meanwhile, Tali’s getting more and more worried that these differences are going to lead to her elimination.

    Family Drama on the High Seas
    While Mandy’s getting ready for her date with Luke, Malissa decides to play some mind games. She asks Mandy about her connection with Luke, but Mandy refuses to play that game. Mandy tells us she has strong feelings for Luke and doesn’t like to see him dating the other ladies. Because every conversation with Mandy devolves into tears, Mandy ends up crying. Malissa sits in the other room, smiling. Mandy says this process is messing with her head. No honey, that’s just Malissa.

    Because Luke knows this process has been tough on Mandy, he wants this to be a relaxing date for her. Color me crazy, but “relaxing” isn’t the first adjective that springs to mind when my semi-boyfriend meets my parents for the first time and I don’t know about it ahead of time. This relaxing date is going to take place on a boat, so I guess Mandy can always jump overboard if things go really badly.

    Things seem to go pretty well with Mandy’s folks. Luke asks them about how they met and tells us he feels very comfortable with them. Luke reveals that his father is a butcher and that’s why he’s so large. Mandy’s father is also the son of a butcher. It’s a major bonding moment. Luke tells Mandy’s parents that he knows who Mandy is. Her mother tells Luke that she’s a sensitive person. Shocking. Luke asks if they think she’s ready to settle down and get married. Her mom replies that she thinks Mandy is ready for a serious relationship, but that marriage isn’t something to jump into. Throughout this whole discussion, it’s clear that Mandy is really uncomfortable…. and is considering hurling herself over the side of the boat.

    Bowling for Embarrassment
    On his date with Anna, Luke hopes to find out if the attraction they share can turn into a deeper connection. To that end they head to a bowling alley, which is where all deep connections are forged. Anna is stoked: she’s like a bowling shark….or whatever you call someone who’s a really good bowler. Luke, who may not be such a great bowler, throws the ball like there’s a catcher at the end of the lane. I was surprised the ball didn’t split in half. She schools him on how NOT to damage the bowling alley and he proceeds to throw gutter ball after gutter ball. Trying to save face, Luke claims he couldn’t focus because of Anna. Now that she reigns supreme as the bowling champion, Anna asks if Luke has any other surprises for her. As a matter of fact, he does: at the shoe rental counter stand Anna’s parents.

    The four of them sit together and talk. Luke tells Anna’s parents that, on first meeting Anna, he thought she was beautiful and poised and wanted to get to know her better. When asked what he’s looking for, Luke claims he wants to get married and have a family, but also wants to be with someone who has her own life and career…as long as the career is being a stay-at-home mom (ß-subliminal). Anna’s dad asks Luke if Anna’s career is a problem for him, Luke claims it isn’t, but we all know the truth.

    Luke says he’s so comfortable with Anna, but thinks it may be a few years before she’s ready to quit modeling and settle down.

    UN-Maternal Instinct
    Malissa meets Luke out front of the house and he compliments her, managing to both leer and sound smarmy. Luke tells us that he wants to learn more about Malissa and see is she’s ready for marriage. I think Luke wants to spend more time gazing at Malissa’s endless cleavage. Malissa’s parents won’t be joining them: it’ll be her two sisters, Cat and Shannon.

    Malissa tells Luke that she knew when she saw him for the first time that she would be around for a long time in the competition. They talk about having kids and she notes that they would have good looking children. You know, I could be way off here, but Malissa strikes me as the type who’d be perfectly happy to hand her kids off to a nanny to raise and then have lots of pictures prominently displayed in the house of her happy, perfect family.

    Luke and Malissa will be doing a wine tasting while blindfolded, only he takes his blindfold off almost immediately and welcomes Malissa’s two sisters. Wow, that’s a lot of hair bleach….and tattoo ink. Cat, who is, apparently, Malissa’s younger sister, looks like she took a wrong turn on the way to the [I[Rock of Love: 20[/I] auditions. TattoosCat grills Luke like a steak, explaining that she’s very protective and doesn’t want Malissa to get hurt. Malissa says something about wanting to have kids and Cat laughs: Malissa doesn’t like kids, she says. It seems Cat has a 4-year old son and lives nearby, but Malissa has never babysat for him. Luke looks taken aback: he babysits for his nephews or was it nieces? Honestly, I wasn’t paying that much attention. I was too busy laughing at Malissa being sabotaged by her own sisters.

    As the date ends, Malissa tells us that she has the advantage over the other girls because Luke asked her sisters how they would feel if he proposed to Malissa. Because she’s all about the mind games, Malissa enters the house immediately tells the girls that Luke asked her sisters for permission to marry her. Mandy, predictably, cries.

    Blowing Smoke for Fun and Profit
    As the mixer begins, Luke says that the whole thing has gotten a lot more serious now that he’s met the girls’ family members. He says it’s the most difficult night yet. Anna, who’s sounding a bit desperate, tells us she needs to do something to connect more with Luke. I’d say she should have worked on that before tonight.

    Luke and Tali spend some time together and he clearly wants to talk about the whole “cultural differences” thing. She asks about his talk with her Uncle Leo. He says he was glad to hear what Leo had to say because Luke would be in a similar position. Tali’s afraid that her family situation is just too complex in comparison to the other girls.

    Before Anna has her time with Luke, she and Malissa sit and talk. Malissa tells Anna that they will be the final two: she’s thought so since the beginning. Don’t go quitting your day job, honey. Psychic predictions may not be your calling.

    Anna isn’t sure how Luke feels about their visit with her folks. Her mom and dad pretty much threw her under the bus with the whole “she’s not ready for marriage” thing. Luke tells us that Anna seems like the kind of person who’s used to getting her own way. Anna giggles at Luke “You’re going to pick me, right?” Luke just looks alarmed.

    Mandy is worried both about Malissa and about Luke asking Malissa’s sisters about marrying Luke. He tries to calm her down, telling her that he was simply trying to gauge how they felt about him. He doesn’t say the exact same thing to everyone. Mandy admits she needs reassurances. Luke is worried Mandy might be too needy or clingy. Ya think?

    Luke takes some time to talk to Malissa, who quickly tries to do spin control about the whole “I hate babies” thing. She explains that, while she doesn’t like babysitting, she does like kids: she’s just not a baby person….or, like, a 4-year old nephew person. She’s clearly telling Luke what she thinks he wants to hear, and he wonders if she’s telling the truth.

    You Get a Ring! And You Get a Ring! And YOU Get a Ring!
    Emme suddenly appears and yanks the girls’ rings away. Not really, but wouldn’t that be funnier? They plop the rings into the bowl and she leaves. Malissa’s dress is cut so low that, any minute, those twins are going to escape. Good thing this show isn’t in 3-D.

    Luke faces the ladies and gives the usual speech: he’s excited about being one step closer to starting a family with one of them and says meeting their families was “eye opening.” And how. While Luke passes out rings, we see interviews with the girls. Malissa wonders what kinds of tactics she’ll have to pull in order to win this thing. What a romantic. Tali is still worrying about the cultural differences between her and Luke, while Mandy is looking at Malissa as her main competition. Anna tells us she’s emotionally invested and will be sad if she’s eliminated.

    Here’s who gets a ring:

    You know what I love? When Emme steps forward before the final ring and says “Only one ring remains.” It’s totally Lord of the Rings. All she needs is some elf ears.

    That means the now-sad Anna is going home. Luke knows Anna is very upset. She says she feels slighted and tells us she shouldn’t have been eliminated. Luke tells us that he felt that Anna’s career is too important to her now and that, while they have a good friendship, he doesn’t think she’s ready for a serious relationship. Anna asks Luke why he eliminated her and he proceeds to give her some line about not being able to see what a relationship between them would be like. Whatever, dude. She’s going to watch the show, so just tell her the truth.

    Anna tells us that Luke made her feel comfortable about her body. She tells Luke that she’s glad she met him and is sure he’ll be happy with the person he chooses. Bless her heart, she really tried to sound sincere there. With that, Anna’s gone and we’re down to the final 3.

    Immediately following the elimination ceremony, Tali, Malissa and Mandy return to find a date card from Luke. It’s time for a change of scenery: they’re all going to Hawaii. Much screaming and jumping about ensues.

    Next week: Everyone’s off to Hawaii for fun in the sun…oh, why lie, we’ll probably just get more whining about having to wear a bathing suit and crying over having to share Luke.
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    Re: More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

    Spot on, Critical!! I love the way you write!!

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    Re: More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

    To that end they head to a bowling alley, which is where all deep connections are forged.
    Yes. Yes, they are. Especially those deep connections forged via previously worn shoes.
    Malissaís dress is cut so low that, any minute, those twins are going to escape. Good thing this show isnít in 3-D.
    I almost thought it was when they had the overhead shot when she accepted her ring. Good grief, those puppies took up 3/4 of my 61" TV!!!!!

    Thanks for the recap!
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    Re: More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

    Thanks Crit! I enjoy your re-caps better than the shows.

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    Re: More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

    I really enjoyed the re-cap critical. Can't wait for next weeks.
    It's got to be love.

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    Re: More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

    Another great recap.
    You are a very funny girl. Thoroughly enjoy it.

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    Re: More to Love 9/1 Recap: Family - The Ties That Rat You Out

    You Get a Ring! And You Get a Ring! And YOU Get a Ring!

    You are spot on about Malissa's sister Kat! Whew that chick was a hot mess!

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