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Thread: 8/11 show discussion *spoilers*

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    Re: 8/11 show discussion *spoilers*

    i hope these women will learn to keep their insecurities to themselves. they are their own, best "cheerleader" and should be showing their most positive personality to luke, at this early stage. this is your first second date? keep it to yourself!!! didn't have a date to the prom? shhhh. men have always cheated on you? really keep that one a secret for now.

    stating the obvious here, but they blame everything on their weight. i too didn't go to prom. have that affected me at all in life...nope, never think about it...doesn't bother me. i too have never been jetted off on date, doesn't have anything to do with my looks/weight.

    i sure wish they would stop all the talk about food, their weight, being fat...

    at least it seems they are crying less...

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    Re: 8/11 show discussion *spoilers*

    Yes, however, after reading about these types of shows, I realize the contestants are kept quite isolated, no books, TV's, outside contace, no nothing. Often, they are sleep deprived. Then, the producers sit there and push their buttons until they get the response they want, ie. crying. I believe a past contestant stated they kept bringing up her recently dead grandmother . Why anyone signs up for these debacles I'll never know.

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    Re: 8/11 show discussion *spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Wind Dancer;3657251;
    He also said that her being assertive and territorial about him was "kind of a turn on."
    Lauren is the ugliest person I have seen on one of these shows for awhile. Nasty nasty McNasty!. Plus she is very unattractive physically. He certainly should not pick her....which mean he most likely will. UGH

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    Re: 8/11 show discussion *spoilers*

    Wrong thread.

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