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Thread: More To Love - Fox *Screencaps* and Spoilers Discussion

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    Re: More To Love - Fox *Screencaps* and Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Columbia, MD;3736640;
    I'm not sure Luke behaved inappropriately at any time during the show. I thought he was a gentleman who showed interest, compassion, and consideration, even at a time when he had to let some of the ladies go.

    Hi, Raisin!!
    Hey Columbia! Oh i didnt mean it like Luke was a complete butt on the show but IMO i thought he could be kinda a corn ball at times. A bit on the dull side too. But yea he was ok i guess and because of all the exposure on the show im sure he'll find a new girl soon. (but not one nearly as pretty as Tali was!)

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    Re: More To Love - Fox *Screencaps* and Spoilers Discussion

    Great pics!Thank you .

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