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Thread: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by paridy;3283763;
    Well Rob's relationship with Lauren was short.

    That's shocking!!

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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    No update on JoJo and Mindy??? I doubt very seriously that Mrs. B "politely" declined counseling.
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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Larel;3283691;
    Ok please this is so "scripted"

    Michael just called this the "best day of his life" .... is he freaking kidding?
    that is so ridiculous because he has NOT even been that into her & now he is all about Erica when less than 24 hours before he was practically having sex on the beach with the blonde!

    Erica is so a plant as ClosetRTWatcher just said, this was all done for dramatic purposes & none of them will even end up with who they pick.........unless Jojo picks his mama then it will work out! LMAO!
    ITA!!! The chemistry with Erica and Michael was non-existent. I even noticed at one point he was giving her a "stage kiss" when the camera panned in and he was kissing above her lips. At that - if not before - I knew it was all an act. I also noticed when Erica was confessing to Lorraine, Lorraine said "Oh, Erica" before Erica had finished talking. So much for reality! It's nice - and believable - that Erica did get close to Lorraine. Doesn't Michael have a brother?

    I still believe Mindy and Jojo had real chemistry. I wish they had done a follow-up on them. I'm not surprised it didn't last with Rob and Lauren - he was so not into her!

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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing!! UGH!

    I can't wait for Survivor or Amazing Race to start! I wish they'd do another MOLE!

    Thanks for the updates! Love you for the spoilers! You are all AWESOME!
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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    I know I'm going to be in the minority, but I absolutely loved this show. Trash TV at its finest. I'm going to miss it. I don't know if I would like a second season though because if they ever had a season 2, it would probably fail compared to this season. This season cannot be topped, especially since it had two breakout stars: Mrs. B and Erica.

    Rob & Esther - I started out loving Esther, but I ended up as a non-fan. She lost me when she told Rob that Nikki was a good girl to pick also when the girl's not even Jewish. Esther spent so much time saying how Rob needed to pick someone who would stick with their Jewish values, and there she was, saying Nikki was better than Camilla? Whoa, hold up. Why is Camilla a bad choice while Nikki is someone he can go with? I don't go around immediately calling people racist, but sorry Esther, you stroke me as a bit of a racist.

    With that said, Rob should have stuck it to his mom and went with his heart. Camilla was the better choice, which is even more evident now, knowing that Rob and Lauren broke up very early on.

    Michael & Lorraine - Lorraine is so judgmental! You know, Meghan didn't even spill her Playboy secret until the personal files appeared. The fact that she posed for Playboy was one of the reasons why Lorraine wrote Meghan off completely, but even before she wasn't aware of her secret, she didn't like her. She saw the blonde hair and big boobies and said, "No, she's not for my Michael."

    But she gave Erica a chance and ended up loving her. She has a "wholesome" look to her, and because of that, Lorraine got to know her on a personal level. If Meghan had came into the competition with more conservative clothing and not-blonde hair, then I think Lorraine wouldn't have written her off.

    It is ironic that Lorraine eventually had no problem with Erica's Penthouse but faulted Meghan for posing for Playboy for various reasons. One, Playboy is considered the classier version of the two, so if you're against the nude modeling so much, you'd think you'd be more against the Penthouse model moreso than the Playboy bunny. Two, it just shows that getting to know the person is what means more. If Meghan had not said anything about the Playboy AND had a more wholesome look, would she have gotten a chance with Lorraine? Maybe.

    Ultimately, all of it doesn't really matter since Michael went with Amanda in the end. I knew Amanda was going to win one the boys' hearts right from the beginning. Her edit spoiled it. I just wasn't sure which one in the beginning. But as more episodes aired, I had a feeling that Michael would end up choosing her. She's a good choice IMO.

    Jojo & Mrs. B - omg, that date was hilarious. Awkward, but utterly hilarious.

    I'm glad that Jojo had the balls to go with Mindy. I wonder if they're still together because they're the couple that looked to have the most chemistry. In the end, Jojo did pretty well for himself. He had to endure his mom the whole way through, and he eventually chose to not listen to her. I think he pleased most of America.

    It's surprising, but I ended up liking Mrs. B the most out of all the moms. Well, it's not that I like her, but if I had to choose one of the three moms, I would pick Mrs. B. She seemed very prejudice in the beginning with her list of no-no's, but I think she ended up proving that she is just very picky. If she really was racist, then you'd think she would have loved Mindy or Julie since they're both white. But no one pleased Mrs. B. Absolutely no one.
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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott;3283678;
    When Erica tells Michael about her Penthouse spread, do you think she'll show him her website and online stuff?
    Her actual website is very conservative. There's another one run by someone else named almost the same thing that's got all "the good stuff".

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher;3283714;
    Hmmm. Lorraine is giving her a complete pass. What kind of message does THAT send???
    That this whole thing was set up, of course.

    Erika claimed in an interview I heard that she wasn't acting on the show, but that doesn't mean she wasn't following very exact producer directions. The Moms too.

    Or we could be even MORE cynical and assume this thought is going through Lorraine's mind:

    "Hmm. Those Playboy tramps are all interchangeable [there are FAR more than 12 a year, because most of these girls weren't even Centerfolds, they were just in lesser pictorials]. But my Boy caught the TOP slut, not some wanna be!"

    But the later reveal that the two of them stayed in touch (ASSUMING its actually true and not just a manipulation for the show) was interesting. I suppose it kind of argues that maybe its more important to not LOOK cheap, versus er... I won't call it "acting cheap", but lets say... "selling yourself". Presumably NOT all that cheaply, at the "Pet of the Year" level.

    Quote Originally Posted by paridy;3283758;
    And Mindy dumps JoJo. Smart move girl.
    Thank god she's not an idiot!

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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    I watched this at 2am when I couldn't sleep but apparently drifted off around the epilog.

    What I remember:
    Rob went home early alone.
    Erica visits Michaels Mom in FL
    Mrs B declined counciling

    What I missed:

    Mindy and JoJo?
    Michael and Amanda?

    There are so many things that illustrate the set up this show was. Mindy's speech at the end was staged but she didn't even do it correctly. She said she had to follow her heart??? I suppose that meant, walk away, but she didn't. That would be follow her intellect. But she left with him on the boat, right?

    I do believe Michael's mom bonded with Erica. That seemed sincere and there would be no reason mention their visit if it didn't happen. No need. Apparently Michael doesn't live there afterall.

    The edit never showed Amanda enough for us to understand Michaels choice. Who is she anyway?

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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    So much of this show was dubbed over it was ridiculous. Almost every time someone "talked" we could only see the back of their heads and the tone of voice didn't match the emotions going on in the scene. I was really disappointed in the last episode but then again, I don't know what I thought would happen.

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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by shoepie;3284061;

    Mindy's speech at the end was staged but she didn't even do it correctly. She said she had to follow her heart??? I suppose that meant, walk away, but she didn't. That would be follow her intellect. But she left with him on the boat, right?

    The edit never showed Amanda enough for us to understand Michaels choice. Who is she anyway?

    You're right. Mindy contradicted herself. Perhaps at the very end she just could not resist trying a delectable slice of Jojo cake. He is kind of a rarity aesthetically (meaning the Iraqi-but-not-reeally-Iraqi look. He could pass for Spaniard, Greek, South American or even Turkish and I'm not sure those looks are in abundance in The South)

    Michael choosing Amanda I feel was semi legit and semi staged. Regardless, I was surprised and I guess that's what the network wanted. I can see Michael and Amanda together because she's really busty and he likes that. Plus her field is not so different from Michael's field. They're both somewhat in rescue fields - Well I should say Michael is certainly in a rescue field. Amanda somewhat.
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    Re: 1/19 Show Discussion Finale *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher;3283646;
    Poor Jojo, on a very disturbing date with mommy....

    ETA: For those not watching, they sent Jojo and his mom parasailing and then to a "romantic" evening in the same location where he went on his date with Mindy. His mom spent the whole time trying to convince him to pick her over all of the girls and go home alone (with his mommy).
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