Michael will choose Amanda. Erica will tell him her big "secret," and Michael seems to be the type that will not want anyone else looking at his naked gf/future wife/whatever! I see more of a friend relationship with Amanda - although I think she's more attracted to him. So he will appreciate the EXPOSURE he received from the show --- and move on.

Rob will pick Camilla. I think he definitely cares for her, but he would never marry her. When the time comes, he will marry someone from his own faith, or someone who will convert. I don't think the color will matter as much to him as the faith/tradition. I think Camilla cares for Rob too, but I don't see it lasting long. I don't see any passion.

I do see passion with Jojo and Mindy. I think he will pick her, and I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to stay in touch. They both seem mature, and I can't see either one moving to the other's location, but I do see major attraction on both sides.

Lorraine will be "whatever" about Michael's choice. Of course she will be disappointed about Erica. I think she just wants to showcase her son right now, but I think in the long run she will make a great MIL and will be fine with her son's choice. I can't see Michael wanting to settle down right away. He probably has visions of Hollywood starlets in his head!

Esther will not be thrilled with Rob's pick of Camilla. But I think she is basically a nice person, and someday will welcome her future DIL with open arms -- as long as she is Jewish or willing to convert. Rob makes a great salary. If I were Esther I'd be more worried about girls after him for that! They haven't talked about that too much on the show!

Mrs. B. will act all hurt that Jojo picked Mindy over HER! I think Mrs. B. is doing a great acting job. I don't think she's as prejudiced as they made her out to be. She is outspoken and a tad overbearing at times. But I think she'll be OK with Jojo's choice, whoever she may be - someday. I do think she is "no girl is good enough for my son," but I think she'll treat her future DIL fairly -- after some adjustment time. As I said in another post, I think Jojo will marry early. We don't hear anything about his dad, but it sounds like their home was a happy fulfilled one. Mrs. B. was probably the mom on the street who would welcome anyone over and put out the food.

I enjoyed this show. It was funny. I'd like to see it with contestants more like The Bachelor - and not adult magazine stars. I think the editing could have been better. And they skipped over some things I wish they'd spent more time on. But I hope to see it again on the schedule!

I can imagine after the show finished filming the moms sat down with each other and had a good laugh, and right now the people who know them best - their friends from home - are going to do the same thing tonight! I also imagine some of the kids are keeping in touch, and the moms communicate with some of the girls.

( Musings from Beachmom on a school holiday )