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Rana Lyn Kaidbey
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Bartender/Model
Age: 26
I graduated from Texas Christian University cum laude. My goals are to some day become a television host, as I refuse to let anything or anyone hold me back. All right, I am going to break this down for you... I'm a badass. It is true. I am extremely witty, and Iím always cracking jokes, so if you cannot keep upÖ take it somewhere else. I am normally out enjoying life with my friends and avoiding fake people in this world. I don't like people who pretend to be something they are not...and only time will show that. Iím a bartender, so that means if I have a night off most of the time I'm at a bar seeing my friends. I get told quite often I have the appearance of a bitch, but when people meet me, the majority will say Iím the biggest sweetheart ever. I am religious and believe God will have my back. There has not been a situation that I haven't triumphed over yet. The game is not over yet, because I didn't hear the fat lady singing anyway! I am a leader and definitely not a follower, so if I made up my mind about something then trust me you can't change it. I am a huge huge huge chocoholic and can almost always eat a pizza. I am actually more like a guy than a girl when it comes to my personality. I played sports for years and follow it, so get ready guys!!!! Now, I am learning that you have to earn the right to be in my life... it's not just handed over to anyone anymore because I know quality is hard to find. I live by the motto: dude life's one big-ass party and I generally like to be the one leading the fun!!!