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Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Court Reporter
Age: 22
Im your typical Southern girl. I love to cook Southern food for friends and family. Everyone loves my grilling and bar-b-cue. I got into court reporting because I love the excitement of the courtroom and being part of the process. My parents mean the world to me and Im really close with my brother and sister. Id say Im a really outgoing gal who likes to let myself loose once in awhile. I love animals and have two big boxers and a little dachshund. They get along great. Id call myself a tomboy Ive always been into sports surfing, tennis, dancing, Frisbee, and even skydiving. I just started to yolo, which I totally love! I one day hope to get married and start a family, but right now I am enjoying living at the beach and hanging out in the sun.