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Madeleine Aseron
Hometown: Statesboro, GA
Occupation: Public Relations Student
Age: 21
Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Public Relations at the University of Georgia. When people first meet me, they are usually a little shocked that Iím a Filipino-American and have a Southern accent. I was born and raised in a small town named Statesboro located in southern Georgia. I am a technology nerd and video gamer. I challenge any guy out there to beat me at Guitar Hero! In five adjectives, I would describe myself as caring, intelligent, logical, loyal, and resourceful. I also have a big sense of humor and love cracking jokes. I believe the perfect guy for me is out there because I have already witnessed perfect relationships within my own family. I feel itís really important for guys to have genuine respect for women. Here's a tip, if a guy ever wants to get a second date with me, I do not take rudeness and being put down as flirty, but rather as an insult. I'm an optimist all the way and know the right man is out there!