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Lynette McKinney
Hometown: Powder Springs, GA
Occupation: Communications Student
Age: 21
Hey NBC viewers! You know my name, but who am I? I am loved, I am determined, and I am blessed. For the most part, I take life on as it comes and do my best to maintain a positive attitude while doing so. Iím energetic and passionate about my friends and family and everything I wish to achieve while on this earth. Helping people is infinite in the equation of my completion of life, along with working with youth, loving my family, and motivating. I asked a few close friends to describe me in three words for the purpose of a bio. The three most common words included diligent, spontaneous, and ambitious. The three that stood out the most for me were unique, grounded, and a natural leader. If those that I care most about describe me in such ways, I have no doubt in my mind that I am doing an excellent job of simply being Lynette McKinney. I want to leave you with this: Beware of the snake in man's flesh for he is completely opposite of the LOVE of GOD! He comes to run havoc and ultimately bamboozle you! (Don't get stuck in his trap.) Hope you enjoyed me!