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Liz Gasinski
Hometown: Hamden CT
Occupation: Pediatric Nurse
Age: 26
Hi! As a pediatric nurse, I love working with children but also value their health and well-being which is why I love my profession. It is a privilege to take part in these children's lives when they are most vulnerable. Sometimes just being that extra shoulder to lean on for a family member or friend is the most rewarding part of my day. Next year, I plan on finishing up my master's in nursing and then volunteer for Operation Smile, a non-profit organization that provides reconstructive surgery to indigent children throughout the world with facial deformities. I moved to the US from Poland at the age of 4. I have incredible parents who not only taught me the importance of working my hardest to achieve my goals, but also to never forget our family values and history. To this day we share family dinners at least once a week just to catch up with one another. Our holidays include fun Polish traditions, delicious food, and customs I can't wait to pass down. I am fluent in Polish as well. Thanks to my parents, these little differences make me unique and different, but they are also something I can share with others! I love cooking, watching movies, traveling, going to the beach, running, working out, going to New York Giants and Boston Red Sox games. I enjoy going out for dinner and wine with friends, but donít mind spending a relaxing night at home either. I'm spontaneous and always up for trying new things, but also recognize and enjoy the adventures of everyday life!