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Thread: Jamie Rapp

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    Jamie Rapp

    Momma's Boys - NBC Site

    Jamie Rapp
    Hometown: Anchorage, AK
    Occupation: Cosmetic Sales
    Age: 21
    My family means everything to me, and my siblings are two of my best friends. My family owns an animal hospital, so our house was full of animals. Growing up in Alaska meant there were always places for us to explore as close as our own back yard, from building snow forts to hiking and camping. Aside from adventuring, my hobbies include knitting, graphic design, attending concerts and writing. In fact, I have an uncanny ability to compose perfect iambic pentameter. I also work with a charity tutoring homeless and underprivileged children. I'm looking for an energetic, creative guy who's constantly looking for excitement, but if a guy can make me laugh, there isn't much else I need."

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    Re: Jamie Rapp

    I find it refreshing to see Jamie on this show. The girls that are cast in these dating shows are all stick-thin and probably wear a size 2, max.
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