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Thread: The Mole 5 week 6 recap: Reunited and it Feels So Good

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    The Mole 5 week 6 recap: Reunited and it Feels So Good

    Hello fellow Mole watchers! Tis me, Iguanachocolate, here to save you the trouble of watching the show – or at least paying attention to it. No bother, really, it’s my pleasure. We’re getting close to the end, folks – how are y’all doing with your Mole guessing? I’m happy to say that my first guess is still in the running, but given my lack of success at these types of things. I am sure that will change before it is all over. Last week, we said goodbye to the resident troubadour and eye candy. Who will be the Mole’s victim this week?

    Mission: Go Figure

    Host Jon meets with the players and let’s them know the pot currently stands at $251,000. For their first mission, they players have to split themselves into two groups: one with two dumb players and one with three smart players. Nicole and Craig immediately volunteer to be on the dumb team, leaving Clay, Mark and Paul to be on the smart team. Jon tells them that each team will get a series of clues to decipher and each clue will result in a numeric answer. At the end, they must come back to the start and enter those numbers into a computer. If they are correct, they will win $30,000 for the pot. The players were not allowed to write anything down and the dumb team is really dumb for wanting to be on it, because they will have to remember five numbers to the smart team’s three numbers.

    It begins typically, they race off to their first destinations. Nicole and Craig get their first number easily, but Mark and Clay argue together about their answer. Finally agreeing on an answer they move on to their next clue with Paul in tow. Allegedly Paul is the map reader, but he doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job of it at all. Map in hand they get lost and end up going blocks out of their way for the third clue. They finally ask a couple of English speaking locals who direct them to where they need to go. Nicole and Craig are at their fifth and final clue which involves a lot of counting of little orange tiles and street lamps in a local park. They quibble over the count but finally come to a consensus and make their way easily back to the starting point. Mark, Clay and Paul have a more difficult time of it having to race back to the starting point in hopes of making it in time. They do, and they punch in their numbers. Breathlessly they all wait to see if they are correct, but alas, they are not. Clay, Mark and Paul’s numbers are all correct, but Nicole and Craig’s last number - the one with all the tiles and streetlamps to count – is wrong. Host Jon says never fear, that they can have 20 minutes to go back to the clue location, recount it and enter it into the computer. Only one person can go, and Nicole is chosen. She races back and begins to count. Meanwhile, self proclaimed math genius Clay looks at the computer trying to will it to give up its secrets. Perhaps he just wants to check his email or figure out a way to market his math prowess on EBay. It’s hard to tell. He thinks he has spot a pattern in the numbers and gets the other guys involved in it. He comes up with a number that he believes is right. When Nicole comes back, she has a different number. The group decides to go with Clay’s number, as Nicole’s is obviously wrong. His number is right and the pot gains $30,000 and increases to $281,000.

    Back at the hotel we have the usual talking game. Well, I assume its game, but I really don’t think any of these players have a clue who the Mole is, except for the Mole themselves. And even that I am not sure of. The next day they travel to Buenos Aires and everyone complains of missing their loved ones. Hmmm, Mr. Forshadowing, is that you there peeking in the window?

    Mission: Ticket to Ride

    Jon meets up with the players on a bench somewhere and lets them know they have a chance to add $50,000 to the pot, and says something oblique about more at stake than just the money. He asks each player who they feel they can trust the most in the game. Paul says Mark, Mark says Clay, as does Craig, Clay chooses Nicole, which seems a bit surprising to me, but ok. Nicole oddly chooses Mark, but explains to the camera that she trusts Clay the most, but didn’t want to give him too much responsibility in case he might be the Mole. After he asks them who they trusted, host Jon explains to the players that family members are traveling on trains as they speak towards the Los Incas train station and whether or not they will get to spend time with them will depend on the person they said they trusted the most.

    When they arrive at the station, Host Jon explains that he will ask the trusted person 5 random questions from a lost of thirty and the trusted person will need to answer three of them for the Molite to receive the visit with their family. They will have a few minutes to run over the list of questions with the person they are playing for. Craig and Clay went up first and Clay went over the answers with Craig and then took the mini quiz with Host Jon. The train came whizzing into the station and stopped before host Jon and Craig. Craig’s girlfriend stood there and we all watched with reality show anticipation to see if he would get his lady love or be denied. The doors opened and hugging ensued. That scenario was repeated for Clay, Mark and Nicole. Finally we get to Paul and Mark. I am not actually surprised that Paul did not know the answers to the questions. Quite frankly, he seems the type to not really pay that much attention. What I want to know is why didn’t he just make up some answers? It’s not like the loved ones were being asked the questions. Oh well, another mystery to me. Or maybe just a commentary on the utter stupidity that seems to be inbred in the average reality show contestant. Anyway, surprisingly, Mark was able to get three of the five answers needed and Paul’s little girl was to show early signs of showmanship when the waggled her fingers and said open sesame to the train doors and they did. Say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwww. The group netted $50,000 for the pot which now stands at $331,000.

    After everyone gets back to the hotel Nicole and her mother Ledora meet for some mother-daughter bonding time. They talked about how Nicole doesn’t really want to be in the game anymore and that she was going to throw the quiz so that she could go home with her mother.

    The Quiz

    1. Is the Mole male or female?
    2. Was the Mole wearing a hat during Go Figure?
    3. During Go Figure, did the Mole return to the park?
    4. Was the Mole on the Smart or Dumb team during Go Figure?
    5. Who did the Mole pick as their most trusted person during Ticket to Ride?
    6. During Ticket to Ride, how many people picked the Mole as their most trusted?
    7. Who is the Mole’s loved one?
    8. In Ticket to Ride, what order did the Mole see their loved one?
    9. Where did the Mole sit during the pre-quiz dinner?
    10. Who is the Mole?

    After the quiz the Molenites sit with their loved ones to see the results. Jon says that once again they have a tie and the slower of the times will be going home. Nicole leans over to her mom and says ‘uh oh’. Paul is up first and is sage. Nicole complains about her picture, but is safe. So much for throwing it. Clay is up next and he comes up with the red screen of death, so he is out of the competition. Nicole’s mother leans over and asks her what happened to the quitting and Nicole says when she sat down to take the quiz, she just couldn’t do it. Her mom calls her Omarosa and I fall a little in love with her mom. Clay is ok with leaving and glad he can leave with his wife.

    Next week: They give the contestants guns and I hope the give Nicole only blanks. I still remember that killing someone without forensic evidence comment and I am sure the producers do as well. I know Paul still does.
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    Re: The Mole 5 week 6 recap: Reunited and it Feels So Good

    Awesome recap IC!

    You know, I don't think Mark got 3 of Paul's answers correct. Heck I am not sure that Paul gave him three answers. I think TPTB hearts of stone melted when that little girl said "Open Sesame" and opened the doors!
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