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Thread: The Mole 5, week 3 recap: Chocolate Dippings and Nekkid People, Oh My!

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    The Mole 5, week 3 recap: Chocolate Dippings and Nekkid People, Oh My!

    Hello Dear Readers! Here we are again all set for another exciting look into Mole World. Though I was relieved to see that the fluffy Liz was not actually executed, I was never the less disappointed that my many threats, err, suggestions to the Mole Establishment were not acted upon. Let’s hope this week they make the most of my most excellent idea. Nothing is better than a good decapitation. Oh, my. Did I say that out loud? Must be time for my medication…

    Anywho, here we are back in South America with our 10 remaining Moletestants., $63,000 in the pot and a whole lot of self righteousness being spouted by Paul. You may recall at the end of last week’s episode when our devout follower of the Hippocratic oath, Dr. Nicole, told Paul she could kill him and not leave any forensic evidence. While I laud her suggestion, it did rile the man up. Did he really take her seriously? Someone must really think the executions are for real… Take note ABC! Also interesting to note that Mark, Bobby and Clay were revealed to be in a coalition.

    Down with the Luge and Fruit

    Host Jon gathers the Molabee’s around for story hour – oops, not story hour, it’s the first mission: Fruit of the Luge. Let’s hope none of that fruit ends up in their Looms, that’s all I’m saying. Jon has them split into two groups: Those who trust blindly and those who can’t trust their mothers. The teams would pair up, one form each group and then would ride the luge. The Blindly Trust person of the pair would be blindfolded and sit in the front of the luge working the steering mechanism at the command of the non-trusting member of the pair. As they fly down the track, the anti-trust person will yell out the color and type of fruit as they whiz past pictures signs posted at various intervals and at the end of the ride the blind person will have to place actual fruit in the order it was called out. Once they cross the finish line, there is to be no talking amongst the pair until after the fruit is placed accordingly. Each correct piece of fruit placed will net $2000 for the pot.

    Clay and Bobby are up first and at the end of their ride and some worrying confusion over pears verses avocados, they get 5 out of 7 right for a gain of $10,000 for the pot. Paul and Ali also put $10,000 into the pot. Craig and Victoria, Mark and Kristen get perfect scores and add a combined $28,000 to the pot, while Nicole and Alex add only a measly $2,000 to the pot. Seems Nicole repeated one of the fruits as they were going down the track and Alex got confused. Hmmm, interesting. Hey, anyone else notice the iguana in the background? The group adds a total of $50,000 to the pot.

    Or did they? It seems some of the teams had selective hearing when it came to the no talking after they cross the finish line part of the instructions. Craig and Victoria, Clay and Bobby did not have their listening ears on and were disqualified and the pot lost $24,000. This mission netted a measly $26,000 out of a possible total of $70,000. Do these players understand how the game works? They need to be building that pot o’ gold up for the big prize at the end. I think they need a reminder on that little fact. Some of the players were questioning Nicole’s efforts later on – could she be the Mole? She claims no, that she was repeating the fruit so that she could make sure to remember them correctly. Eh, a flimsy excuse, I say.

    Back at the hotel, Clay and Mark were perplexed with Bobby’s role. It seems he made a bit too many mistakes for their liking. They wonder if they could be in a coalition with the Mole? Err, no folks. To my understanding, the Mole actually has to make it to the end of the game and I am not so sure Bobby’s frail little legs can carry him that far.

    Dipped like a Lizard in Chocolate

    The next morning the Moler’s are instructed to dress in their finest outfits for a bit of pampering. Seems Host Jon has arranged for a bit of time off from the game and is sending them to a spa. Some players question what is going on, but hey, what can happen at a spa? Someone gets a little too relaxed? Pity the fool. They frolic in the pool and hot tub and have some heated discussions about game play before they have their massages. Paul and Ali have a hot rocks massage (sounds odd, but they are marvelous!), Victoria gets dipped in chocolate, Bobby goes for the grapes, and the rest get the Swedish treatment. Wait, what is this? A thief amongst them? No, it’s just wily Jon preparing them for their next mission by removing all of their clothing. From their lockers, people, Disney would not sanction a strip tease! (That only happens on CBS’ Big Brother.) Once the Moltestants realize their clothes are gone, Jon appears to explain to them their next mission.

    Nekkid in the streets of Santiago

    For the mission, they players would have to beg for proper dinner attire and meet Jon at the restaurant where they will be having dinner within two hours. Because this restaurant has a dress code, they guys will have to find pants, a shirt and a tie and the women will need a two piece top and pants or a skirt. They are not allowed to wear the spa robes. If the men went commando, Jon has some nifty mole briefs for them and a sports bra/booty short outfit for the women. Each player that meets the maitre d’s approval will net the pot $5000. If they don’t meet it, they don’t get to eat. They divide into teams: Bobby, Craig and Nicole are on one team, Kristen, Victoria and Ali on another. And Paul and Alex are the third team. Clay and Mark, for reasons I am not so sure of, opt out of the mission entirely. Something about dignity, yada yada yada. Apparently they did not read the fine print of their contracts with ABC: dignity is forfeited at the start of the game.

    Kristen, Victoria and Ali, walking like the pro’s they appear to be, get greeted with leers, cat calls and wolf whistles. Strangely, none of the males they encountered seem willing to help them cover up. Not even the two busloads of Catholic school boys seem willing to help. Shocked, I tell you, I am shocked! Meanwhile on another street the doctor is hanging around with the 10 that is Bobby and Craig. They are having no luck as well until Nicole scores her ensemble. A trip to a theatre nets Bobby an outfit and then Craig hits upon Bobby’s suggestion to go to the local laundry mats. By sheer luck, he finds the laundry mat where sneaky Jon has dropped off their clothing to be cleaned and pressed. They are thrilled to be getting their own clothes back and kindly pick up the rest of the Moletestant’s clothing as well. Spanish speaking Alex and his cohort Paul were able to score their outfits relatively easily and were the first to arrive to the restaurant. A kindly woman who seemed to work at an eatery was able to score clothes for the woman’s trio, much to the dismay of the male populace (and probably the dismay of a few of the female populace, too. I’ll wager my pink triangle on that). All of the nekkid peoples were able to find their clothing and make it to the restaurant with the exception of non-participants Clay and Mark, so the pot netted a nifty $40,000, bringing the grand total to $129,000. At dinner, Jon revealed that on the address cards for the restaurant they were given at the beginning of the mission, was a Roman numeral that revealed the street address of the laundry that had their clothing. Sneaky, sneaky producers.

    The next night they meet for dinner pre-quiz. The usual trash talking by Paul puts the rest of the players on defense except Nicole who decides to kill him with arsenic coated kindness. After dinner, they take the Quiz.

    1. Is the Mole male of female?
    2. Which group did the Mole join in the Fruit of the Luge mission?
    3. Who was the Mole paired up with in the Fruit of the Luge?
    4. Did the Mole place two apples in the fruit lineup answer in the Fruit of the Luge?
    5. How much money did the Mole’s team add to the pot during the Fruit of the Luge?
    6. What kind of massage did the Mole receive at the spa?
    7. Did the Mole participate in the Dress Code mission?
    8. What was the composition of the Mole’s team during Dress Code?
    9. What order did the Mole’s team enter the restaurant during Dress Code?
    10. Who is the Mole.

    The players gather in a huge train depot designed by Monsieur Eiffel of the Eiffel Tower fame for their results quiz. First, though, Host Jon decides to tempt them with $20,000 if they are willing to leave the game. There are no takers. Jon reveals that Kristen, Mark and Victoria are safe and then ups the bribe to $30,000. Ali decides that is her price and quits the competition saying she just had a gut feeling she was going anyway. Yeah, a greedy gut, I say. The other players are surprised at her decision and Bobby rings the foreshadowing death knell by declaring he was there to play, to compete and to win.

    Jon comes back with another surprise, Ali was not going to be the only one leaving the game that night. He goes on to tell Alex he is safe while the foreshadowing lizard drops the executioner’s blade down on Bobby.

    My dvr stopped before I could catch the previews, but I’m still hoping for the executioner’s job….

    Have a great week and make sure to read LG’s most excellent Molanalysis here!

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    Re: The Mole 5, week 3 recap: Chocolate Dippings and Nekkid People, Oh My!

    Excellent recap, Iguanachocolate.
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    Re: The Mole 5, week 3 recap: Chocolate Dippings and Nekkid People, Oh My!

    Great recap, IC.

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    Re: The Mole 5, week 3 recap: Chocolate Dippings and Nekkid People, Oh My!

    Holey Moley Recap, IC!
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    Re: The Mole 5, week 3 recap: Chocolate Dippings and Nekkid People, Oh My!

    Terrific recap, iguanachocolate! Thanks!
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