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Thread: FORT Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 2

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    Re: FORT Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 2

    ah- i see. good info. i haven't really watched the Mole before this season.

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    Re: FORT Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 2

    It helps look at challenges a bit different. Like the waterfall challenge. I doubt there would have been a opportunity to tell the Mole who was getting money bags and who was getting fake bags. So the Mole most likely failed that competition to be sure they didn't add money to the pot.

    The beach challenge had too many to list ways to keep money from the pot. But the Mole most likely knew where all the right items were and if he/she was one of the fetchers, could have easily hid something so it wouldn't be found. It he/she was a time keeper, they can bust a hump to keep the clock full and then tire out if they start getting the right objects. If he/she was a appraiser, the only way to thwart the challenge as it happen would have been to push to put the objects on the table, knowing some are wrong to use up their chances.

    Soccer vs. Bikes. The Moles job would have been to make sure the bikers reached the summit before the soccer players. I think the Mole sabataged the Bike, but the only reason I can see for this is to make them want to take the taxi and cost the pot more money.

    The Pigs Fly. Not finding pigs, take too much time finding pigs, make sure pigs break instead of being caught. We can probably rule out Craig as the Mole for showing how to correctly use the sling. Throw a hex on Bobby to make him too weak to walk!

    But keep in mind this one thing. The Mole won't always take money from the pot. Their job is for the pot to not get too big. But if their is no money to be won, the show is a bust. From Season 1, Katheryn said after the finale that she had to start earning money for the pot because Steve and Jim were working too hard to look Moley and it was keeping too much money OUT of the pot! And you have to help sometimes so you don't look so Moley.
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