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Thread: The Mole returns!

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    Re: The Mole returns!

    I loved the show with Anderson Cooper and hope this season is at least as good if not better.
    I used to play online reality games - The Mole being one and was the Mole twice, the winner twice and the runner up once in all the games I played. It is addicting! I absolutely loved being the Mole. Each week I would come up with a song--a recap of the last week's challenges to a popular song's melody as part of my clues.
    Can't wait for next week!

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    Re: The Mole returns!

    I love this show! even more than the bachelor...

    I have been watching some old episodes to keep my mole hunting skills in check..

    My pick? hmmm a highflying female of some sort...i havent seen the bios yet.
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