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Thread: Episode One Quiz

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    Episode One Quiz

    Here's my guess at the quiz, ( explained why at www.realitytv.us.tt)

    Is the Mole male or female? Male

    What color of lei was given to the Mole after departing the helicopter? Purple

    Was the Mole, or the Mole's team successful in putting money in the pot in the Baa Baa Black Jack game? Yes

    In what position did the Mole hang out in the On The Line game? The Mole was on the line

    What did the Mole order for a main course at dinner? Fish

    How many other players were with the Mole in the car on the way to the ranch? Two

    During the On The Line game, what color shorts or pants did the Mole wear? Tye-dye

    The Mole operated the up and down controller in which round of the On The Line game? The mole did not operate the controller

    What number journal is the Mole's? Three

    Who is the Mole? Stephen Baldwin

    For more articles, commentaries, and polls on The Mole, visit www.geocities.com/swimmer935/realitytv.html and click on the Mole!

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    Welcome, Swimmer!

    You may be right, though I personally think that Bersen is the Mole.

    One correction, I think that the choices on the question "What position In what position did the Mole hang out in the On The Line game?" were 1) One 2) Two 3) Three 4) The Mole did not hang out on the line.

    Other than that, you're powers of observation kick my butt; I had no clue Baldwin had fish or a purple lei. Nice job!

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