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Thread: Episode 3 - 01/22

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    I saw Corbin on The View and he was pretty humourous.
    He was just too intense on the show for my liking.
    I like competative people, but he made me feel uncomfortable with his intensity and the way he was always throwing round Mole accusations.
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    I really liked Erik tonight. Poor kid didn't get any props for contributing to the pot rather than getting an exemption. Fred, eat the damn pepper, it doesn't have many calories.
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    I was disappointed with what a poor sport Corbin seemed to be when he lost. Not even looking at the others when he left was very tasteless and impolite.

    However, that said, I loved his competitiveness, but even if he had stayed, after last night it would have been clear that he wasn't The Mole. The guy let his machismo take over in the "Lookie Lookie Hot Pepper" game, going completely over the top. The detail in his notes was very impressive. I'm going to miss him; the rest of the cast is exceedingly dull in my opinion, with the occasional funny line out of Kathy.

    While I liked Corbin, he reminds me of those guys you see playing softball that are just way too competitive for their own good.

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    I have to say that the games in this edition of The Mole are generally superior to those in The Mole 2. The original Mole had some exceptional games, but the last run was pretty weak. In general, the CMH games are pretty complex without being overpoweringly difficult. If they have a Mole 3, they should look to this series for ideas on how to put together the games for the contestants.

    As for Corbin, yeah, I was very surprised to see him go. My pregame selection of Kathy is still looking good, although I haven't seen her do anything to sabotage any of the money, except for the phantom herding of the sheep.
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    Here's why it's Frederique:

    - The name of the game that Ahmad kept stressing was LOOK Y LOOK Y HOT PEPPER

    CLUE: Frederique was Elite's "LOOK of the Year" model when she got her start in the modeling business

    - The first episode contained BAA BAA Black Jack, where contestants tried to catch sheep

    CLUE: Frederique was born on August 30, 1967, a Virgo. Her Chinese birth sign is, that's right, SHEEP.

    - The name of this year's game is called Celebrity Mole Hawaii.

    CLUE: Frederique appeared in a movie about 10 years made by Woody Allen. The movie's title - "CELEBRITY"

    - The word celebrity unscrambles at the beginning of Celebrity Mole Hawaii.

    CLUE: If you look closely, going frame by frame, the word celebrity, as it is coming together, first spells "FREDERIQUE" or close to it.

    Frederique is the mole and Boatman is the Red Herring.

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