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I don't think the 7 thing is a clue to Angie being the winner because it would have to have been decided she would win before they finished the game if it was. How could Ahmad have known who would win and put their journal number in his hat? Even editting tricks wouldn't change that, unless they filmed if 8 times with each number.

The only number clue that could possibly mean anything from the beginning is the number for the mole, not the winner.

I think you are misinterpreting the notion of guessing. We were assuming scenarios for both Mark and Angie being the mole. Obviously there can't be two! Its just a mere suggestion of what-ifs.

The number 7 has been emphasized alot during the course of the Mole. i.e the game first aired on January 7th, there are 7 episodes in total for CM:Y, etc. You may or may not refer to it as clues. It is very subjective based on your theory for the mole that is.