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Thread: Episode 4 Quiz posted on ABC- SPOILER

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    Episode 4 Quiz posted on ABC- SPOILER

    Looking at the quiz for tonight gives us a few clues.

    Question 5 only has 4 possible choices. Unless 2 contestants were wearing the exact same clothing we can eliminate one mole choice.

    Question 7...IMPORTANT...Only lists 3 choices. Unless people had multiple jobs, one of those 3 (chatterbox, child at heart, or person with good eye HAS TO BE THE MOLE.

    Looking at these 2 questions together may get us down to 2 or 3 people who could be the mole.

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    Uh, I'm guessing that there are only 3 jobs for #7's game, and that everyone will have one of those jobs. And I'm also guessing that one color of clothing will be worn by 2 people.

    They wouldn't make it that easy. But thanks for trying.

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