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Thread: Celebrity Mole: Yucatan. 1/21 Recap--"Goodbye, Cruel Chicken-haters"

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    The links are back. Thanks for a fabulous recap, Shayla.

    I trust that you've chosen the right goblet, as have I. Only, I have built up an immunity to Iocaine powder!

    Yes, it takes a brave and fearless superhero to touch a chicken.

    We hear the slow whistle of the music, fully suspecting that Clint Eastwood has just been challenged to a gun duel.

    However, the rooster could peck her eyes out, and that wouldn't be less painful, unless he manages to sever her optic nerve, but let us leave this question to our resident scientist AmandaG.

    On the voiceover, we hear Mark say that Keshia picked at her food. Yes, her eating was odd, indeed. Each bite was the size of a small helpless fly.

    He reaches over and grabs Angie's corn cob, which would make the number of things that Mark has grabbed of Angie's amount to 213891208.

    Keshia comments that the "toilet will be your friend later." Ahmad metaphysically advises that he should "be one with the food."

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    Shayla, I just had to say that this week every time I came in this forum and your recap was pinned to the top, I would read the title and chuckle. Those cruel, cruel chicken-haters.
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