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Thread: Celebrity Mole: Yucatan. 1/7 Recap: "Mooning the Yucatan"

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    Shayla, you rule . That was an awesome recap – entertaining and educational. I loved the links.

    Hey, Shayla. Wanna coalition? I'll even hold your antenna for you. Anything to avoid pitting my feeble intellect against your brilliance in Fort's Mole Quiz Game.

    My favorite quotes:

    And if you line them up just right, they fit together like guanine and cystosine.
    (For those of you who don't speak Spanish, cajones means happy, little clouds.)
    Against the night, the light emanating from what appears to be the hut's ballroom adds chiaro-oscuro to the authentic Yucatanian hamlet. Marie Antoinette ventures out of her castle and allows each contestant to kiss her cleavage, while Louis the XVI agrees to gild the floor of each player's private quarters. I'm really sorry that you missed this episode.
    She then morphs, and we see that she is not the beautiful VJ we all have known (for an hour) and loved (for an hour), but really Smeagol! If only she had her precious, she would have won. But it is too late. Frodo has the ring and he's taking it to Mordor--a scary place built entirely by celebrities with too much time on their hands.

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    I watched the last Celeb Mole, but didn't really enjoy it. I told myself I wouldn't get sucked in this time, but after reading your hilarious recap, I'm kind of sorry I missed it. Great job, very funny stuff!

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