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Thread: 01/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    After watching Im leabing towards Mark or Keisha as the mole, with Tracey winning.

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    I am kind of thinking Keisha too. She did not try at all to get everyone in the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedStickLA
    I am kind of thinking Keisha too. She did not try at all to get everyone in the water.
    Exactly what I was thinking. IMO she picked the person that would be the most likely to skinny dip and only got one more person... so she tried to put the least amount into the pot and get herself the exemption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Healblade
    Well, what a great start for Celebrity Mole: Yucatan!!

    Throwing my $.02 in, I'll say that I suspect Keisha to be the mole. She was put last in the "Pick up Slicks" game. That seems suspect to me. It seems like the producers are working to fly her under the radar for the first episode. And then she picks the lucky journal? Suuuuure... I bet any journal she picked would have been the lucky one.

    Here's to hoping Mark Curry wins!
    I also expect the mole to be Keisha. She's sly and can fly under the radar pretty easily I think.

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    I think it's going to be Dennis

    he's such an obvious choice for the Mole people will probably dismiss him based on that

    and yeah, I miss Anderson Cooper, he's my favorite reality show host of all time, and the original Mole was my favorite reality show of all time...

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    That was a very funny show. I've always liked Mark Curry so I'm enjoying him and his little comments. Corbin and Stephen are pretty funny too. I was wondering about Keeshia being the mole when she didn't work very hard to get people in the water but Angie also is suspect. Of couse on the other hand Corbin could be possible too. Yikes, this is going to drive me nuts.
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    I think it could be Keisha. Anyone notice at the beginning when Stephen was talking about everyone and he doesn't even mention Keisha's name, but they show her anyway and then the Mole on Board sign? It was really, really quick!

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    And Another Celebrity Mole Begins......

    Alright. I have to admit, I loved the original non-celebrity versions of The Mole. You guys remember,right? With host Anderson Cooper (now a newscaster for CNN)..silver-haired boyishly handsome...no? Oh. Hmmm.
    Well. It hardly matters,because of the popularity of the original Celebrity Mole Hawaii,we may never get to see regular folks on this show again.

    This time we get new celebs. O.K. not really celebs in the conventional sense of the word. And only 6 of them are new to this game. Forget all that though. Here's what I'm thinking so far. I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on the cast this year. And if I seem a little opinionated,I am. I am in Survivor withdrawal..who can blame me? Treat me with kindness,I'm fragile..and I swear I'm nice. Enough about me. Let's talk about THEM.

    The Men

    Corbin Bernsen. I believe he has a chemical imbalance. Either that,or he's forgetting to wash the fruit off before he eats it. I don't believe he is the
    mole, I do believe that he thinks participating on this show will get him some
    more prime-time tv work. And it's sad to see a guy who was once attractive wither away and start to look like a crazed father at Disneyland.

    Stephen Baldwin. Sadly,ladies..this is the cutest guy this season. However, I am relieved that he is ready to play this game. He seems to be taking the game seriously this time. I think Kathy Griffin's win last year bothered him to his core. I am actually kinda rooting for him to win. For now.

    Mark Curry. I believe he is supposed to be the comic relief this year. .I think that he is likeable enough,and because of their powers of observation,comedic personalities tend to adapt better to situations like these. I think he has a decent chance of making it to the end if he can find a suitable coalition partner.

    Dennis Rodman. Would it kill ABC to run captions while he's talking? The man sounds like he's got a mouthful of marbles and has forgotten how to swallow. Blech! Having said that, I am gonna go out on a limb and tell you all that he is one of my suspects. I believe there is a chance that he is the mole. He seems a little too confident about getting to the final 3. He mentioned it twice in this first episode alone. And as for him outlasting Ananda Lewis..I'll just say

    The Women

    Angie Everhart. Open up and say ahhhh...fellas. Here is your eye candy courtesy of the casting folks at ABC. I think they knew that she'd get naked for the cameras,and it doesn't hurt that she used to be Howard Stern's girlfriend. (you heard me) I think she came prepared to play,and I'm glad that she had the ability to convince the other castmates that she had actually bought that phallic shaped rock. Unfortunately,it appears that our former model has a bit of a temper. Hope it doesn't bite her in the end.

    Keisha Knight-Pulliam. Tell the truth,people..didn't she grow up to be a cutie? I think she's smart and if she's not the mole,she may win this thing. However,she is another of my suspects..sweet looking and quiet. Dangerous traits in this game. And I don't think she needs the money,she is after all a veternarian.

    Tracey Gold. I want to warn you..what I am about to say is controversial. Tracey is another one of my suspects. That's not the controversial part. Here it comes (I'm going to hell). Tracey Gold has in the past had a debilitating eating disorder(bulimia). I believe that when you have a disorder like this and you are able to hide it so convincingly,you may not have a hard time deceiving people in a game like this.(I may now have a front row seat in hell) Having said that,I think she's smart and seem to be very observant. Hopefully her early coalition with Stephen Baldwin won'tbe a mistake that costs her the game. That is,if she isn't the mole.

    Ananda Lewis. Well,I liked her. I had a feeling she wasn't the mole because she talked A LOT. Former moles have kept quiet and in the background,showing their personalities only when needed. I'm sorry she didn't make it further,she was spunky.

    So thats it. For the record,my mole picks this season are Tracey Gold and Keisha Knight-Pulliam, with Dennis Rodman being a wild card.

    Before I go, I have to apologize again for the Tracey Gold bulimia thing. Hope I didn't offend anyone and if I did,at least you'll know I'll eventually have a horrible,sizzling death in hell.

    Love you guys at FORT and I can't wait to hear your opinions!

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    Loved the episode. Love the mix of contestants. I have always had a soft spot for Mark Curry, so I'm thrilled he's on it.

    I have no idea who the mole is right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Corbin.
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    I'm convinced Tracey is the Mole. Too many odd clues point her way. I'm also disappointed we didn't get Tracey in the water. Always had a crush on her, ever since Growing Pains - bulimia aside, I still think she's very cute.

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