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Thread: Stephen Baldwin

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    Yeah, I like him... but i dont understand why they are having people from the first Celebrity Mole coming back... It just seems like they can't be the mole, just cauz they were on the first one... who knows? i could be horribly wrong! I also saw him on fear factor and thought he was hilarious!

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    There was some pretty crazy story about him on the last Celeb Mole about making out with someone in a car in front of his parents' house. To be "problem child" of the Baldwin clan is no easy feat I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realityluver
    I wonder if he will be the mole, just to ensure that he stays around till the end. He sure was bummed when he didn't win the last one.
    Him being the Mole was the first thing that came to my mind. Perhaps if he isn't kicked off on the first two episodes... then we will know

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    I don't think it would be fair if he was the Mole... And it looks like he's trying to adopt Kathy Griffen's strategy of taking the quizzes quickly. I didn't like him on the first Celeb Mole, though...

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    I thought both Stephen, Corbin, and Kathy were a lot of fun to watch on Mole Hawaii. But I also think Stephen and Corbin were the best on the last show of that season. They just looked like that had so much fun from the day they got there to the day they admitted they played the game badly. I'm glad they're back. I just wish Kathy was there to defend her title, so to speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaycee
    I just wish Kathy was there to defend her title, so to speak.
    Absolutely. The Kathy and Stepehn schtick had me laughing so hard last season, she is truly a funny funny lady.

    Besides, I don't know why, but ever since I saw Usual Suspects I've always thought Stephen was pretty hot. Wierd, I know...

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    I thought he was really funny last night. I some how don't feel he is the mole (but I'm most likely wrong) because he seems to want to corect what he did the last time and play better. but I guess one way of playing better is to be the mole and outwit them all.
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    I think so too. Actually it's more fun watching him trying to figure out who the mole is.
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    It's those really light-colored eyes. Makes his pupils look enormous--the stoned look.

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