Dia "The Diva" Schuldenfrei was raised in Los Angeles's Hancock Park, in a "nice family, very normal." A stay-at-home Mom for 17 years, Dia considers herself very lucky to have been a full-time wife and mother. When her daughter, Angelique, graduated from high school, everything changed. Dia joined a neighbor at real estate school, got a job in a firm that wasn't even hiring, and then brought the firm the highest priced sale it had ever had.

While she had always been self confident, making her own money marked a new course in Dia and Ray's marriage. She was suddenly in charge. Now, Dia is "The Diva" and Ray is "Mr. Nice Guy," and together, they've sold millions of dollars worth of property.

Self-described as "tough," Dia is very direct about the part of this business that drives her crazy: "The *%$holes."

Dia's personal sales philosophy: "Treat everyone the way that you would like to be treated."