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Thread: Ray Schuldenfrei

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    Ray Schuldenfrei

    Ray "Mr. Nice Guy" Schuldenfrei is no stranger to the place he works. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, went to school in Los Angeles, and loves everything about Los Angeles.

    With more than 30 years in real estate, Ray and his wife Dia are coming off of one of their biggest years ever. When asked about the specific moment he knew this was the job he'd have, he replies, "when you see what kind of money is made for the work being done." Ray says that working with people is fun, and the houses are fun, but sometimes it's the escrow that "brings out the ugly side."

    Coming from humble beginnings, Ray and Dia live in a house where the water bill is greater than the mortgage payment on their first home.

    Ray's personal sales philosophy: "Hold true to the recognition that we only get paid for doing one thing: bringing a transaction to fruition, regardless of where or when, you problem solve anything that stands in your way."

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    I just finally got to watch the show. I it missed on Tuesday evening. Ray seems to have done a good job with the transactions and handling the clients emotional state of mind.

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