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Thread: Scotty Brown

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    Scotty Brown

    Chicago native Scotty Brown knew he would be a real estate agent when he sold his first 3 million dollar home.
    Scotty, whose past jobs include: singer, nightclub owner, and manager for Stone Temple Pilots, made the jump to real estate from location manager. He credits his ability to talk with "just about anyone, from crack hotel owners to huge estate owners" as the key to his success.

    Together with his wife ("The Closer" Tracy Brown), Scotty loves the interaction with his clients. As for the business of real estate, Scotty says that it's the competition that can wear you down, and he knows what other people think of real estate agents: "They think we're fast-talking, wheeler dealers. If you're in the business then you know how hard it is. There are a lot of us, and only ten percent are successful."

    Scotty's personal sales philosophy: "Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait."

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    I hate this guy, but I like watching him. He's like a cartoon...

    This show is actually very good, it should have been given more of a chance....
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    I agree. The more shows I have seen the more I like it. I am actually thinking of selling real estate part-time next this so I am trying to learn from the show. It would have been nice to have more discussion.

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