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Thread: Shannon McLeod

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    Shannon McLeod

    A Louisiana native, Shannon McLeod takes pride in her Cajun roots. The southern charm, creole cooking, and soulful music have left their mark on her love of great houses. Graduating from Loyola University New Orleans, with a degree in drama, Shannon always knew it would come in handy.

    "If I didn't know how to do something, I could just act like I did."

    After studying some financial planning, she combined her dramatic flair with her natural interest in real estate. She knows that some people have bad experiences with real estate agents, and she dislikes being categorized as a "desperate" person. Shannon loves what she does and believes that everyone should own their own home.

    Shannon's personal sales philosophy: "I can only sell something if I love it."

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    I just hate this woman. Well, not really, but I loathe her plastic face. Stop having work done or Next stop: bride o wildenstein!

    I cannot believe she gets paid so much to do so very little.
    "Man is Elyse [top model] ever thin. Makes me want to go to the gym. Right after I eat my sandwich." - Giz
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    I don't know if it was editing or if she really was as bad of an agent as the show made it to be. No problem solving skills whatsoever.

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