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Thread: Family: The Piccirillos

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    Family: The Piccirillos

    From the official site:

    Dad: Carmine

    Mom: Laura

    Children: Carlena, 14, Sageona (“Sage”), 12, Remiara (“Remi”), 10

    Besides their three children, Laura and Carmine Piccirillo also have a backyard full of animals including goats, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, quails, rabbits, three dogs, two ferrets, and a horse! After all the chores are done, the girls are involved in Girl Scouts, sports (basketball, soccer, lacrosse), community service, the 4H Club, church, choir, and playing musical instruments! Incredibly, Mom does 90% of the work, so Dad will have to rely on animal instincts when his wife leaves him in charge to take a much-needed rest.
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    Stupid little bit of information, but in Italian dialect, Piccirillo, means small. I often call my son Piccirillo, like you might call your kids Pumpkin or Munchkin.

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