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Thread: Family: The Myers

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    Family: The Myers

    From the official site:

    Dad: Mike, Frito Lay Executive

    Mom: Bonnie, Retail Sales

    Children: Colleen, 12, Alexa, 11, Morgan, 10, Paige, 10 (Morganís twin), Kevin, 10, Brenna, 8

    The six (yes, six!) Myer kids are into a lot of different activities, like soccer, softball, basketball, cheer, and football. Dad travels and works about 10 hours a day. In addition to Momís hectic home schedule, she works at a boutique a few days a week. Somehow, she also finds time for cooking, cleaning, shopping, childcare, homework, and coordinating family activities. Can Dad do all that when sheís away?
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    I'm assuming this is a blended family.
    The kids are so close in age that if the mother gave birth to all of them she probably never saw daylight for about five years.

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    You must be right fluff. Otherwise, poor mom gave birth to twins and another child within the same 12 month period and had 5 kids in 3 years. Oy.

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