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Thread: Show synopsis

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    Show synopsis

    From the official site:

    Can Dad handle what Mom does? Dads are in charge in this new reality competition that takes some of America's busiest families and gives moms a much-deserved break!

    Each week, moms from two different families are surprised with a luxury vacation, while the dads are left to manage their chaotic households. The results are funny, heartwarming and something every busy family can relate to!

    During the week-long challenge, the two dads and their kids compete in various tasks (with the moms watching in awe on closed-circuit TV). Families are rewarded with a greater appreciation for each other ..and the winning family also receives a wonderful cash prize.
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    I hate this show already!

    Great! Just what we need! A show designed to make fathers look like total boobs! Mr. Mom? What the heck is that? Where is Mrs. Dad? Why is it assumed that the mom does everything or is somehow the "competent" one? I have met some brilliant, hard-working moms who seem to know literally everything. I have also met moms who couldn't change a tire, put gas in the minivan, cook a decent meal, operate any sort of electronic device, etc. The point is: it goes both ways. Ugh I will finish my rant and put this one on the "must skip" list.


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    I, too, don't appreciate the Men R Foolz baloney so prevalent in American popular culture. This sounds like another man bashing fest.

    My husband freely admits he couldn't do what I do - homeschooling three kids, managing the home, listening to three conversations at once (while posting on FORT ), intuiting when a kid needs a hug versus a timeout… But I couldn't hack his world, either (and have no desire to try). We've worked out what is best for our family. It makes me mad to see the endless onslaught of "guys are stoopid" propaganda everywhere I turn. My dh is confident enough not to let it bother him. But what kind of impact will it have on on the self-worth of my 3-year-old son? What about my daughters, growing up bathed in the message that they are smarter, wiser, funnier, better-looking - basically superior in every way to the men they'll marry? (I believe in equality.) Thank you, I feel much better getting that off my chest :-)
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