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Thread: 5/11 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

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    5/11 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

    Pop-Up Restaurant - A pop-up restaurant on the California coast is the setting for a team challenge that involves cooking for food critics, chefs and journalists, who dine on scallop appetizers and red snapper entrées.

    Enjoy the show!
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    Re: 5/11 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

    I thought Gordon's reactions were over the top and a poor example for the kids this week. Throwing the pan out onto the beach? Immature even if it was all for show. And with the little girl crying, I don't think that helped. He looked stupid. Doing that kind of stuff with other stupid adults on his other show(s) might be okay, but I didn't like seeing that with the Juniors.

    At the end, I think the right kids were eliminated. There are some really good cooks left!

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    Re: 5/11 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

    Yeah, I got flashbacks of Hell's Kitchen on this one. Should be a good finale when it comes. I like so many of them, can't pick just one I want to win.
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