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Thread: 4/27 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

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    4/27 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

    An Extra Serving - Gordon Ramsay recalls highlights from the show's first five seasons, including memorable moments and favorite meals, and checks in with former contestants to see how they've grown—not only as chefs, but as young adults.

    (A clip show)
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    Re: 4/27 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

    It was a little interesting, but I wanted to see a new episode so I was a bit disappointed. I didn't realize it was going to be a clip show. There were a couple of little cuties I smiled when I saw again.

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    Re: 4/27 MasterChef Junior 5 Show Discussion

    Yes, I smiled also...some have aged four years and ready to strike out on their own to college or culinary school. I really didn't realize it is now season 5, as I don't think they had any clips from season 4...some from this season, then seasons 1,2 and 3. It was cute.
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