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Thread: MasterChef seasons 1-4

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    Re: MasterChef

    I was thinking they'd let Howard go because Natasha and Krissi have their rivalry going and he was like the third wheel, but I guess not.

    SashaGoddess was robbed.

    I think Jordan will go far, even if I may not like him. I see Jessie going far too. The unseen contestants will probably go soon.

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    Re: MasterChef

    I find it a bit hypocritical for Krissi to question Natasha hating her for no reason and then she turns around and says she hates Howard...she doesn't know him any more than Natasha knows her...
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    Re: MasterChef

    Quote Originally Posted by JenCos View Post
    I find it a bit hypocritical for Krissi to question Natasha hating her for no reason and then she turns around and says she hates Howard...she doesn't know him any more than Natasha knows her...
    I feel we've not seen enough of Howard, but it's clear he dislikes Krissi as well. He did not hesitate to say krissi would go home, despite her having been in the top for the mystey box challenge while he wasn't. Also worth noticing that when the judges were deliberating in the back, several contestants noticed that nobody was going over to Howard to talk with him, except for Natasha. Those two talking only to each other and no one else and nobody talking to them is rather telling, at least for me.
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    Re: MasterChef

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    He's from San Diego. Isn't everyone this season from San Diego?
    LOL! I'm a San Diegan. I'll have to note names and make friends (for dinner invitations)!
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    Re: MasterChef

    I've come late to the party. First time started watching at the moment Howard was talking smack about the mac n chz lady. And then they show her in the background giving him the finger! Which made me immediately like her and dislike Howard.

    I need to perfect the Mmmmm that Sasha uses.

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    Re: MasterChef

    Boy Natasha is really nasty, I can't wait until she has an epic fail!!!
    I guess Bri is this seasons Monti, is she going to say sorry every time she picks up a lobster etc
    I enjoyed Johnny B. and I like Jessie.. I don't mind Howard, he seems very nervous and unsure of himself at times
    I ♥ lamb, some of those dishes made my mouth water, then they show all that blue cheese..

    I don't enjoy cooking. So I love these shows where they do
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    Re: MasterChef

    Quote Originally Posted by babyfat101 View Post
    I need to perfect the Mmmmm that Sasha uses.
    I think I could do it. I`ve been doing it before I saw her on this show.

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    Re: MasterChef

    Here's the whole list of the remaining cooks:


    I don't know who Bethy is. The rest I somewhat do.

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    Re: MasterChef

    I think Natasha was cosying up to Howard and so Krissi disliked him by association. There was probably some spite talk going on behind the scenes. I told my husband I don't like Natasha and at first he thought it was just because she is an attractive woman until she opened her mouth then he said I see what you mean. Unfortunately Krissi seems to be pretty snarky towards her, too. I think she may bring out the worst in a few people. Her hair is dyed way too dark and the ends need a good few inches chopped off to put her in the category of as pretty as she thinks she is. The blonde girl is much better looking in my opinion.

    I find Howard really cute so I hope he disassociates himself from Natasha quickly. I am glad he didn't go to her when she tried to talk to him while he was upset.
    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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    Re: MasterChef

    Random thoughts:

    I was glad to see that they eliminated Sasha. Dismissing her showed they are not into keeping personalities; it is about the food. I think her attitude irritated all of the judges. I know I did not care for her.

    Bime. What is up with Joe accusing people of being posers and not trusting their skill? How can you fake a dish, for crying out loud?

    I was shocked Natasha did not choose the cheese. Shell fish is very easy use in any course.

    It used to be that Langastino (term often used) masqueraded as lobster in many restaurants because it tastes the same and was much cheaper. I guess it went the way of mackerel (cat food) and catfish (fish sticks). All of a sudden 'junk' seafood is treasured.

    Johnny (chocolate mashed potatoes) was not alone in thinking all 4 ingredients, in mystery box, had to be used. I know I did.

    It is clear that these contestants have spent some time together before the show started. They tried out in Boston and then had to travel to LA, I think. This gave them a plane ride and hotel stay along with down time during the filming.

    Krissy is every bit as obnoxious as Natasha. The ones to watch are Beth and the woman who beer battered the langastine. Also the Asian guy we barely saw.

    I love this show!

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