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Thread: MasterChef seasons 1-4

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    Re: MasterChef

    We're back.

    The first MB winner is...


    She will get an advantage in the next challenge.

    Without knowing what the challenge theme is, she'll get to choose what all of the contestants will be using.

    Her options are,

    A: Langoustine
    B: Veal Chop
    C: Stilton Blue Cheese

    But Natasha won't be cooking in this challenge. What she chooses will be used by all the rest.

    Gordon asks her who she wants to see go home. Obviously, she says Krissi. Which probably means Krissi won't be leaving tonight. You know, just to keep the drama going.

    Natasha's pick was...


    I thought she'd pick the cheese.

    So Natasha got to pick the ingredient, is immune, and now gets to choose somebody to also get immunity and join her on the side.

    She picks Savannah.

    The rest will be fighting for their MC lives.

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    Re: MasterChef

    Judge asks Howard who he thinks will leave, and Howard says Krissi.

    Krissi overhears and comments on how she hates him.

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    Re: MasterChef

    SashaGoddess is making cheesy langoustine.

    Jessie's never cooked it before.

    Time's up, and Krissi is up first.

    The judges like it.

    Krissi thinks Natasha picked the ingredient to trip her up, and if that was the case, it didn't work. Rivalry lives on.

    Jordan's next.

    The judges love it.


    He made poached langoustine with salad and lemon slices.

    Gordon is surprised and thinks it's not enough for an hour. Joe calls it a joke.

    Gordon is offended and refuses to eat it. Joe calls it a waste of time and throws it out.

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    Re: MasterChef

    Next up is Luca.

    His dish is too overcooked.

    Lynne (Asian guy).

    Graham likes it.

    Kathy (not Cathi like I spelled earlier).

    Joe doesn't like it.

    Sasha Fox is next up.

    She says "Voila" as she places her dish on the table. Gordon says it looks like someone crapped on the plate.

    The judges don't like it and Sasha just smiles and nods. Goddess <33


    GE loves it, as does GR. He says it's one of the best so far.


    Joe doesn't think it's cooked properly. He tastes it and hates it.

    GR doesn't like it either.

    Well that's it? I guess we didn't see all of them?

    The judges now discuss.

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    Re: MasterChef

    Two people will win this challenge. They will be the team captains in the next challenge.

    The winners are...

    Jordan and Jessie.

    Now for the bad news.

    The Bottom 3 are...



    and we'll find out the third after the commercial.

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    Re: MasterChef

    We're back, and the third person in the Bottom 3...

    is SashaGoddess.

    Well I think Howard's out. I'm guessing him and Malcolm.

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    Re: MasterChef

    Malcolm is called forward...

    ...and is safe! Wow.

    It's down to Howard and Sasha.


    is eliminated. Wow. I'm surprised.

    Howard is safe.

    Sasha thinks Krissi wll win.

    See you next week.

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    Re: MasterChef

    I have a crush on NFL guy and Howard. I strongly dislike Natasha and have to decide whether to include her for the pool points.
    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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    Re: MasterChef

    It's too early for these silly feuds to start. But if I had to choose, I'd take Krissi over Natasha (who just bugs me for some reason). But really, they both can go.

    And if Natasha really wanted to trip people up, she should have gone with the Stilton. (I wonder how many souffles there would have been?)
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    Re: MasterChef

    First time we have an uneven numberof competitors in the end, there are 19 total, 10 women and 9 men, until tonight's elimination. I was supremely bummed Sasha went home, she was funny and super likeable. I feel she should've stayed over Howard. Her dish wasn't good, but she went out on a limb and took a risk. Howard made some salad that even bad cooks like myself could've made in a few minutes, and it didn't even have a vinagrette or dressing. I definitely think he should've gone home.

    Some cool, likeable contestants so far, for the most part at least, with Bime and Jessie being my favorites. I feel Howard is iffy as heck, while Krissi grew on me some today, if only because she toned her attitude down and jerks surfaced. Well two had been there, but the jerk factor went up here. Natasha really broke the record for how much a person can be an absolute jerk in this show. Good gosh, this woman was just so heinous and spiteful, not to mention how she won't shut up about how she thinks people will underestimate her because she's "pretty". She's nowhere near as pretty as her obscenely high opinion she has of herself, and her ugly personality far outweights anything about her looks. I feel sorry for her son eventually growing up to see her on tv.

    And Jordan's not far behind on the jerk levels, he's extremely overconfident, and I absolutely despised his "some of these people don't deserve to be here" comment. Who the hell this guy thinks he is to judge who deserves to stay? I don't even care about his "doing this for his dead mom" thing, I want that jerk gone. But Joe Bastianich takes the biggest jerk trophy, he's at an all-time high on how much of a douchebag he is. I am especially annoyed at this insistance of his that Bime is some type of faker. What is this dude's damage?
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