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Thread: Song Titles from the Episode

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    Oh Betslicata - I'm so happy it is the right song. We do have a contact at NBC who helps us out with these requests, they just take a little time. So, thanks NBC and I'm glad that we could find it for you Bets.

    I'm going to merge together all the "songs" threads in this forum, BTW, as it is confusing to me to have to check all these places. I wasn't sure where to post the link. So, if anyone is still looking for a song from a specific scene in a specific episode, let me know by posting here or sending me a PM or email.

    Thanks -

    Oh, by the way, the show is coming back "late spring to early summer" according to my contact, so I'm guessing that means June. I'll let you know more when we get additional information.
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    I am very interested in seeing all the songs from the Calderons episode! My wife and I had watched this episode on the ReplayTV last month, and she really liked at least 3 of the songs they used. I deleted the show later, forgetting that she had wanted to go back through and write down some details of those songs (and where in the show they were used) so that we could go try to find them later (: whoops!). I was very glad to see others looking for the same thing here. It looks like at least one song has been identified so far:

    "Letting You Go" by Gypsy Soul

    Thank you lurkinggirl for this one and for offering to post more song information as you get it. I look forward to seeing whatever you can get from this episode!


    FYI: NBC's website for Meet the Folks says "Returning in May."

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    Hey Lurkingirl,

    i just wanted to tell you that I got the Gypsy Soul cd and i LOVE it! I wouldnt have found it if you didn't lead me in the right direction. Thanks again!

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    Please help me find a song!

    I'm in love with the song at the end of the Figgs episode in Season One. We're still in season one here in Norway. The song is played right when they choose Jamie. The lyrics are "I will look for you til I find you. You will stay on my mind". It's gorgeous! Can you help me find it?

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    heya. There was a song during the dappers episode when that Tarin girl got eliminated it was something like..

    "Its not too late to start again, Its not too late to see differently. Its not too late to change your mind." I loved the song and was super mad when I couldnt find who it was by/what song it was. Can someone help me? Thanks

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    I tried searching for the lyrics and came up with...nothing ;_; stupid nbc not putting the song titles up......

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    songs from yesterday's episode

    Hey all!! Did anyone see last night's episode? There are a couple of songs in the episode that I totally fell in love with...and I searched everywhere and found nothing... They played little clips of about four songs when they were showing Giancarlo's dates with the girls...I think the song went, "let me love you now and forever"... that's about all I got from the lyrics coz giancarlo was talking...so if anyone knows any of these songs...email me!!

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