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Thread: Tonights episode (3-10-03) They're Adults... will they....

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    Tonights episode (3-10-03) They're Adults... will they....

    I was just sitting around yesterday wondering about the type of adults that would partake in this show. I have to say I'm interested to "Meet" the mom tonight.

    Who here thinks that the men will actually pull some of the "dinner stunts" in order to keep secrets, secret?

    I've been thinking about all the things I've done in my life that I may not want a potential suitor knowing about before out first date, and really they were all so long ago that I feel like there is no way I would do something stupid at dinner to keep them secret.

    I wonder if this would make for a boring show or a funny one.
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    It should be different, cali. I actually saw a couple ads for this episode last weekend, so we may have some viewers tuning in.
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