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Thread: Eric Ferch - Winner of The Scantlins

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    Thanks for clearing that up Eric, as I said all along, I just thought it was "strange". I did suggest that it might have been the response to another question.
    I also take your point about perception of the question.
    I wish they wouldn't mess with the lie detector portion as much.
    I think it would make for good tv even if both participants were shown to be telling the complete truth.

    I really have to wonder after reading how the contestants are so misrepresented why anyone would want to go on this show
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    Hey Eric

    Hey Eric! All I wanted to say was ooh la la! I think that you are gorgeous! I saw you in For Love or Money and my mouth dropped open! You are all that and bag of chips I must say. I can't believe that she overlooked you. You were my choice all the way. I could have cared less if you would have taken the money or me I would have had given you a chance. True with a million dollars you could more than likely get any guy that you wanted but I would have chosen you over any amount of money! I think that you are a genuinly kind. I could sit and listen to you talk all day long. Best wishes to you in all you do!
    Quote Originally Posted by eferch
    Hey everyone, I'm Eric from the most recent Meet my Folks show (the dork who won as opposed to Apple). I was asked to contribute so I figured I'd go ahead and clear some things up. Not to defend myself or actions (I'm more comfortable w/ myself than that), but as a means to help give you a 'behind the editing table' sense of what went on. First off, we filmed for over three days, and the producers have the ability to cut and slice anything and everything; they have the ability to make you into anyone they want, and they manipulate everything. As is well documented in this site, the lie detector test is not very reliable. The other permeating commentary from the show (poor brook) was also blown out of proportion. I don't doubt that Melana had feelings for him, but again ask yourself: What makes good tv?...Having surprise twists and turns, and her feelings, though sincere, were exaggerated for television. I'm not player hating, but basically every word Brook said the entire weekend was included in the show. He is a very quiet guy and doesn't have an outgoing personality. In fact, he was using this as a platform to 'get noticed' (by the way, for anyone expecting such results, I wouldn't put much stock in it). He's also been on "america's sexiest bachelors" and "blind date." Again, sorry for possibly sounding bitter (not my intention), it's just that there is so much more than meets the eye on the show. In the end, I'm the only one still talking to Melana (no, we haven't taken the trip to Hawaii), and to paraphrase Good Will Hunting "I got her number, how you like them apples." (OK, I concede that comment is ego based). I do enjoy the banter.
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