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Thread: A Public Challenge to "Meet My Folks" Polygraph Operator Nick Savastano

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    George Maschke

    A Public Challenge to "Meet My Folks" Polygraph Operator Nick Savastano

    In a recent interview, polygraph operator Nick Savastano, who performs polygraph examinations for NBC's "Meet My Folks" television program, claimed that polygraph "experts" can "catch" polygraph countermeasures (techniques for beating the polygraph).

    However, no polygrapher has ever demonstrated any ability to reliably detect countermeasures, and peer-reviewed scientific research suggests that they can't.

    Nick Savastano has been publicly challenged to prove his ability to
    detect countermeasures on AntiPolygraph.org (http://antipolygraph.org), a non-profit, public interest website dedicated to exposing and ending polygraph waste, fraud, and abuse:


    George W. Maschke

    Note: To learn how to pass (or beat) a polygraph "test," download AntiPolygraph.org's free book, The Lie Behind the Lie Detector:


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    For the purposes of the show though, it really is all in fun.

    There was a robbery (inside job) at a store I worked in as a teen and all the workers had to take the test. I had no knowledge of the missing money, but was still very nervous about taking the test. I was sure I was going to fail... I didn't
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    I think the lie detector part is entertaining, but it's certainly be no means "scientific" as two of the contestants have told us oin exclusive interviews.

    I know there are methods you can employ to try and "beat the box", but I hadn't heard of a tester claiming to be able to tell when someone was trying to do it.

    I think the very fact that polygraph evidence isn't admissable in court shows that the test can be flawed.
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    People with really good self control and that do'nt get nervous easily will be able to beat the polygraph tests. My husband for instance.... lol. He told me how to do it too, but I dont know if I really could when it came down to it.

    I think it's easy to think of how to beat the polygraph test, I can memorize it how to do it, but when it comes down to keeping a cool head while taking the actual test, I think I would fail miserably. lol.

    Anyway, the key to beating a polygraph test (this is what I hear works) is to think of a different question than they ask you and answer that one.

    For instance, let's say are are the owner of a black dog.

    So the polygraph person asks you:

    "Do you know anything about the stolen money?"
    Let's say you do, but you don't want to say you do....

    You ask yourself, in your mind:
    "Is my dog white?" And then you answer your OWN question, which the answer is NO ... so you're truly answering truthfully ...

    The key would be to forget the original question I guess and really memorize 2 questions to ask yourself, one for a YES answer and one with NO ...

    Don't know..never took a polygraph test, I dont think I could tell anything but the truth cause I'm really horrible liar LOL ...

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    In the late '70s, when I was a teen, I worked retail (as lots of kids do) and I bounced around from store to store. (I remember one year I worked at 5 different places). Any way, I don't know if it was a fad back then or what, but for whatever reason, I had to take a polygraph as part of the pre-hire screening for nearly everyone of those jobs.

    They'd ask the usual questions you'd expect them to ask (have you ever stolen anything and fortunately, I had never) and, I guess since it was the '70s, they also asked a lot of drug related questions. I guess they wanted to make sure I wouldn't be too stoned to work.

    I always just tried to be honest, but I remember one time was really weird. The polygraph guy asked me why I had lied and said I smoked weed. I told him that I was just being honest because I had smoked weed. He said, "No, you're lying."

    Whatever. That incident certainly made me wonder about polygraphs.

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    George Maschke
    Still no word from Nick Savastano...

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    It's a reality TV show -entertainment I don't really think there will be.

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