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Thread: Exclusive Interview with Stefanie

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    Exclusive Interview with Stefanie

    Stefanie from the Maloneys episodes of Meet My Folks has agreed to an exclusive interview with www.fansofrealitytv.com (FORT) and we are very happy to have the opportunity to get her insights on the show.

    FORT: Thanks for agreeing to do this. I was very impressed with your honesty and the fact that you didn't dodge the questions while appearing on the show. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

    S: Thank you for noticing my honesty. It is one of my traits that I take the most pride in. I did not dodge the questions on the show altogether, but there were definitely "producer embellishments" taking place which required clarification. However each of the stories that were revealed about the girls had a foundation in truth, but there was also a lot of fabrication occurring. An example: Yes I had a cleaning service where the girls wore bikinis. But, no I never went and cleaned the houses...Honestly you could not pay me enough money to clean somebody else's house!! But, I am germaphobic like that...it was a great idea for a business and it was profitable while it lasted.

    FORT: First off, you won the first two private dates with Dan and you two seemed to hit it off, but they you were eliminated right before the final lie detector test. What happened?

    S: Yes, I did win the first two private dates with Dan. The first one was after he selected me out of all the girls based on the "speed dates" we each had in the jacuzzi with him. Clearly, he chose me because I was the only one to take the initiative and kiss him. By the way, despite the fact that on the show it seems like we only just met Dan five minutes prior, in reality I had spent a day and a half with him at that point. I was disappointed with the date taking place in the backyard....I had expected more. But Dan and I had a good time anyways. It was hard to be on a "date" with 8 cameras and multiple producers in your face egging you on.

    The second private date was because I had won the Intelligence Test. I definitely felt some tension/jealousy from the other girls at this point. And to be honest, I was hesitant to go on another date with Dan because I felt bad about the other girls. The second date was in the front yard (again no creativity). What you did not see was Dan and I playing catch with a glow-in-the-dark football and us running around and being silly because the show cuts immediately to us diving into the swimming pool and making out (this happened 2 hours later FYI).

    We did hit it off, but I really felt Dan was more interested in Chelsea from the beginning. They had mutual friends, which many of us thought was unfair. I knew that when it came down to the three of us (Tawny, Chelsea and I)...I would be next to go. I was as Jim and Julie put it "light years beyond Danny and them..." Also it would not be a stretch to say that the producers wanted the other girls to be seen on the lie detector test, so there may have been some encouragement to keep them.

    FORT: Good point about wanting to have as many different people subjected to the lie detector as possible. Whose idea was it to make out with Dan in the hot-tub while Shannon was also there? How long were you three actually in the tub together? How were the s'mores?

    S: When Shannon, Dan, and I were in the hot tub, we were told to "make it look a little less like the Disney Channel..." "spice things up..." and many other antagonizing comments from the producers. I took the initiative to kiss Dan after he had been sitting on my lap holding my hand for fifteen minutes. We were in the tub for about twenty minutes. I felt bad about Shannon, but hey it was a competition and she could have done the same thing if she wanted to and if Dan had acted interested in her.

    The s'mores were good. I had not had those in years! And I did not know Dan had those on his butt, or I would have told him and spared him the embarrassment. I though he handled it well though.

    FORT: Dad's line to Dan about the s'more on his butt was one of our favorite parts, just to let the producers know that some of the best stuff just happens without trying. Have you spoken with Dan or anyone else from the show since it ended?

    S: I have spoken with Dan and we have actually hung out 4 or 5 times since the show. I have met a few of his friends and vice-versa. I am close friends with Jackie and Hillary. Lisa and I talk about once a month. In fact, my birthday is this Saturday and Jackie, Hillary, and Lisa will all be there! I have also hung out with Melissa (the mole) twice since the show.

    FORT: Happy Birthday! Say "hi" to Jackie, Hillary, and Lisa from us. Who did you get along with best during filming and have your feelings changed at all since seeing the episodes?

    S: I want to say a little about each of the girls...
    Hillary: she and I hit it off instantly. One of the most precious people I have ever met. The kind of girl that is so pretty, you would assume she was snobby, etc. but she is totally not! Very outgoing. Sad she was eliminated so early.

    Melissa: she and I got a long well right away. If you notice, she did not say anything bad about me when she was dishing on all the girls at the beginning. She is physically striking with a soft and sweet personality.

    Jackie: My other favorite. All of the girls that got eliminated early were the ones I connected to the most. That is why I could not believe I made it so far. Jackie has an essence about her that exudes grace and class. She is intelligent and outgoing.

    Shannon: I didn't really get to know Shannon too well. She seemed sensitive and naive, both good qualities, but not compatible for a show like this.

    Lisa: Still a friend of mine. Just talked earlier this week actually. The sweetest little thing. Not the brightest girl ever, but totally gentle and soft-spirited.

    Tawny: Funny, strong, and probably one of the more loyal girls of the group. Although I don't respect some of the decisions she makes in her life, I respect her honesty. I was floored when the 3rd episode with her on the lie detector test showed her lying like that. I find that very hard to believe...she and I were by far the most honest of the 8 girls.

    Chelsea: I could not really connect with Chelsea. She seemed a bit fake for my taste. She was nice to everyone and we did definitely get along, don't get me wrong. I even practically carried her to the restroom when she and Tawny got sick in the limo. I guess I just prefer a more REAL person.

    FORT: Thanks for those insights. It must have made relations with the other girls a little strained to have the producer trying to manufacture conflict. How did you hear about the show? Did you watch last season? Did you send in an application or were you contacted by the producers to apply? Have you appeared on any other tv shows?

    S: Actually MY show was the first time I had ever seen it. Kinda scary...huh? I heard about it through a scout for the show. My friends had watched it last season and said it would be fun and also that it was a clean show. They were considering me for the girl who had three guys vying for her, but decided to use me for the Season Premiere instead. I have been on Blind Date (a year ago), which was a dare from a couple of friends. I have recently been on a few episodes of "Days of Our Lives" and I am currently doing tests for a few pilots. I am an actress...could you tell??

    FORT: Did you know that there would be 8 girls competing for one guy?

    S: I knew there was going to be either 6 or 8 girls competing. It reminded me of a small pageant, in the sense of competing against other girls. Which by the way is NOT my favorite thing to do. I think we are all unique and gifted in our own ways and should not always be competing against each other, like we so often do.

    FORT: Were you more surprised or mad at your ex-boyfriend Josh for telling the show about your bikini cleaning service? How did you come up with the idea for that business? Some of the guys at the site want to know how they can hire your cleaners for their houses, are you still running that business?

    S: Actually that was not my ex-fiance Josh who said I had the bikini maid service. That was a good male friend of mine. I knew he had been instructed to read off of cue cards. So, no I was not mad at him at all. I came up with the idea for the business from knowing that "sex sells" and that the bikini car wash I had been running at the time was doing really well, monetarily speaking. The business was something I did when I lived in Denver, Colorado. I sold it when I moved back to California....sorry boys!!

    FORT: Well Bill will have to clean his own house or hire Merry Maids now, sorry Bill. Congratulations on winning the intelligence test. It looked like there were more questions than we saw. How many questions did they really ask? What questions did you miss? Were there other embarrassing answers the girls gave that got edited out. Do you have a lot of frequent flier miles, because you were right on the mark with the distance from LA to NYC. What do you plan to do with your education after you finish your graduate degree?

    S: Thanks. Yes there were about 30 questions in total. I missed 2 out of 30. I missed the most obvious one about "who was the host of Tic-Tac-Dough?" Duh, Stefanie!! And I missed the question about "which President is on the five dollar bill?" I still wouldn't know that answer off the top of my head.

    I could not believe the other girls missed so many questions. There was not really a tie between Tawny and I, but the producers thought it would make it more interesting to do a "tie-breaker" question. As far as knowing the mileage from LA to NYC, it was a question I was asked on an IQ test in fifth grade. It sort of always stuck with me, I guess.

    As far as my aspirations after I earn my Doctorate in Psychology...they are endless. I have contemplated working for the CIA and doing psychological profiling. I have thought about going into private practice and working primarily with adolescents. I have also entertained the idea of opening a rehabilitation center for young women with eating disorders. I am also very interested in the craft of acting. Think I am any good? Was anybody out there fooled?

    FORT: I think that there was plenty of people fooled, but we've come to expect some "acting" in "reality" tv, jaded viewers that we are. What was the real deal with the lie detector test? Was it difficult to take it at the same time as Lisa, knowing that one of you would be eliminated right afterwards?

    S: I was apprehensive about the lie detector test for two reasons.....I am way too empathetic and over-analytical. I knew I would try to "think out" and "rationalize" the ambiguous questions in my head, whilst causing physiological fluxes, which would skew the test. I was not the least bit concerned with telling the truth...hopefully it came across throughout the show just how honest I really am. On the lie detector test, because they did not ask us each question twice, and they negated several other appropriate measures necessary for the most accurate of readings, the fact that we were not allowed to explain ourselves was all the more frustrating.

    FORT: How did you feel about other girls denying their "bad facts" while you acknowledged and tried to explain them?

    S: I grew more and more frustrated with the girls who continually lied about their bad facts. I could not do much but hope that the parents were able to differentiate between the liars and the truth-tellers. I also hoped that Jim and Julie valued honesty over ridiculous acts from our past. And I think they did, which is why Tawny and I made it past other girls on the show. After Tawny and Chelsea underwent the test, I think the parents were really discouraged with the two remaining choices because they lied so much. They even mentioned on the show that they thought they may have "let the right girl go..."

    FORT: Once you completed the lie detector test and were kept on the show, did you think you had clear sailing to the finals? Are you attracted to Dan and were you disappointed that you didn't win?

    S: I did not think I had clear sailing to the finals at any point during the show. Like I said when I left, I was surprised I had made it as far as I did because the two girls I had the most similarities to, (Jackie and Hillary) were eliminated so early.

    I think Dan is a physically attractive guy. Personally, he is too young for my taste. I do tend to date men in their 30's. Not for money, just for maturity! I am not disappointed that I didn't win, although Europe would have been fun. I think Dan and Chelsea will have a great time and they seem to be on more of the same wavelength than he and I do.

    FORT: How do you perceive how you were portrayed on the show, was it an accurate
    depiction of who you are as a person?

    S: I was portrayed as a psychotic ex-girlfriend with lesbian tendencies, who could not wait to stick my tongue down Dan's throat!! Is that accurate? Not anywhere close to accurate. In reality I am much more demure than that. I am assertive, but not over-bearing the way the "doctored" version of the show portrayed me to be. And Josh (my ex-fiance) and I are still best friends so clearly I cannot be that psychotic!! And throughout the week, I would say that I was the most empathetic of all the girls there. It was not seen in the 3 episodes, but I was constantly comforting Shannon and I took care of Tawny and Chelsea when they both got sick in the limo.

    FORT: Were you surprised by the crying dolls? How could you possibly fall asleep with that noise right by your head? Did you have to keep the dolls all night or were you able to give them back to the show producers at some point during the night?

    S: I was not too surprised by the crying dolls. Knowing Scott [Satin, the executive producer of Meet My Folks], anything is possible!! I fell asleep because it was 4:30 AM and I knew they would wake us up by 7:00AM...so I had to try to get some amount of sleep. We did keep the dolls all night or at least until about 5:30 in the morning. I was not too worried about my performance on that task because I had already divulged to Jim and Julie that I did not want kids on my lie detector test. So in a way, my results for the parenting test were arbitrary.

    FORT: Were you given a script for the "exit" video that you made after being eliminated where you told Mom and Dad about Chelsea looking in mirrors and Tawny tying up Dan on their date? How much coaching did the producers give you and could you have refused to film it?

    S: No I was not handed a tangible script for the "exit" video. I had enough information about the two girls, that I didn't need it fed to me by the producers (although they tried). But, in reality all of the girls (Hillary, Shannon, Jackie, Lisa) had "exit" speeches, but again they only showed mine. I never meant to make Julie upset, it was not aimed at her at all. And everyone involved in this situation knew to not take anything to heart...it's TV and ratings, not personal attacks. I tried to get out of having to do the "exit" video, but I couldn't. We all had to do it.

    FORT: Do you have a website for people who want to contact you?

    S: No I don't have a website. But I will check in from time to time, so feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

    FORT: Overall was being on the show a positive experience for you and would you recommend it to a friend?

    S: Overall, the show was a "learning" experience, neither positive nor negative. I am not particularly happy with how they portrayed me. However I know that they had to make me look bad because I was looking really good. What I mean is that by winning the first private date, winning the talent show, winning the IQ test, doing really well on the lie detector, yet not winning in the end....they had to make me look pretty bad.

    As far as recommending a friend to do this sort of thing...I would not. Unless they were very thick-skinned and totally knew what they were getting themselves into.

    FORT: Anything else you would like to add regarding you experience on the show?

    S: One of the parts that the producers left out was our "show & tell" portion of the show. This took place right before the dinner when I was eliminated. Each of us (Tawny, Chelsea, and I) had to present an item for show & tell which represented our most proud moment thus far in our lives. I shared my University diploma which stated that I graduated Summa cum Laude (top 2% out of 26,000 students). Tawny shared the receipt from her boob job for which she saved up her money to pay for. Chelsea showed us a video of her lip singing for a band in Japan. The funny part is that immediately after that is when the parents eliminated me and said " I was light years beyond..."

    To Scott Satin (aka: Scott SATAN), now I know how accurate the nickname really is. LOL. I am glad everyone enjoyed the show and I want to say thanks to all of my true friends who have defended me and continue to know who I truly am. I am glad there are sites such as this one [ www.fansofrealitytv.com ] where we can come and explain ourselves. Thanks for the opportunity. AND.....If my girls are reading this...Hi Jacks, Hi Hills, Hi Lisa Marie!! See you all on Saturday!!

    FORT: Thank you for your time in responding to our questions. See, I wasn't kidding when I said that we're much nicer to contestants in email and in interviews than we are the recaps. Best of luck in the future, Stefanie.
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    Excellent interview LG.

    Thanks so much to Stefanie for your full and Frank responses.
    It was very enlightening to read about your experience on the show.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Brian S.
    Thanks LG and Stefanie! Best of luck to you, Stefanie!

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    Great interview LG! Thank you to Stefanie for being so forthcoming.

    I am disappointed to learn of the demise of the bikini cleaning service... I did have my hopes up
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    Awesome job, LG, and thanks Stefanie for taking the time to answer the tough questions about the show. It helps people realize that there is quite a bit of editing and prompting by producers in the name of "good television". But, I guess since we're all watching, it must be working, right?

    And Bill, I'd offer to clean your house in a bikini, but you couldn't afford me.

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    interesting interview, makes me wish I had watched it now.

    Bill, she never did say if she got rid of the bikini car wash!!!.

    just how dirty do you think the car will be if you drove it to denver to get it washed?

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    Very good interview. Well thought out questions. Honest and literate answers.

    I had to smile a time or two. Girlfriend's got a fine self esteem. Good for her. Good luck to you, Stef.

    And she said something that really struck a chord in me. Something about it being like a pagent. YES! It really was now that you think about it and you know, that was one of the qualities I found so appealling about the Maloney segment.

    I certainly hope you amazing people can amaze me all the more with even more interviews. Like maybe with Lisa or Tawny...

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    Thanks LG and Stef. That was a great read
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    Hi, Olivia!
    One of the things that strikes me whenever I read one of these interviews is how *I* react to these people as *they're portrayed on television*, even though I know how we perceive them is manipulated by editing, if not other factors. I think about how I would react if I saw them in real life sitting at, say, a restaurant. Except for a few notable exceptions, I would probably enjoy saying hi and walk away thinking how much I enjoyed speaking with them. Not criticizing anyone (except maybe myself, if at all), but a musing on celebrity.

    Now, as for Flo (AR3)--that bi-ATCH can forget it: No amount of editing could have made her look that bad. She did that to herself. (Nope, wasn't here for the AR3 discussion; nope, haven't read the write-ups yet; yep, will probably read them sooner or later.)
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    The bikini car wash is no longer around...but the cleaning service is. It is in Denver thoughj. it is called bikini maids

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