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Thread: Exclusive Interview with Chelsea

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    Wow nice interview Thanks Chelsea and LG. It's cool how you really got to interview her. It's nice to see people from Hawaii on tv. It's like we're actually included.

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    Great interview! Thanks LG and Chelsea!
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    Thanks to all involved in the interview. It is great to hear from someone with first hand experience of the true events.
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    Glad you won the show Chelsea. Great interview both of you.
    For some reason ( well I know the reason) this show is a lot more hurtful this year. I wonder how many shows they 'have in the Can', because I really can't understand why anyone would go on this show.
    I think the show would be fine with the real life bits and pieces on the cast. They could even make it funny instead of cruel.

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    There seem to be a lot of questions regarding why any person would actually do a show like this...Well the answer is simple, we didn't know it would be like this! By the time the first twisted facts come out you are already on the set and you've already signed a 20 page contract saying that you'll will have to pay NBC 10,000 dollars if you back out of the taping. I will make a note that the casting directors profoundly apologized for casting us without telling us the real deal, but in their words, "we knew you probably wouldn't do it otherwise". Ah TV entertainment...such is life in the harsh realities of Reality TV. Hope this helps to answer your questions, ALOHA!

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    now if more people would come to this website before agreeing to go on tv shows, this wouldn't happen.

    In the Carlsons episode from last season the parents dragged the three guys off to a fertility clinic for a semen analysis to see if they'd be able to father kids. We have a recap for that episode here A Walk on the Wild Side: MMF Recap the Carlsons and after seeing that, the girls on the Maloney episodes escaped with minor damage as that was quite shocking, poor guys. The two ladies we interviewed from the Maloneys episodes both said that they'd never seen the show, which was a surprise for me as of course I'd seen every episode.
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    Wow. $10,000,000 that's pretty steep.

    I do think it's a real shame when people are either misrepresented on shows or the experience of the show itself turns out to be something very different from how they thought it would be.

    I think it would probably be wise for people to try and get tapes of the show before appearing on them so they at least have some kind of an idea of what they're letting themselves in for.

    Either that, or as lg says, come visit us, we'll tell you
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