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Thread: Who went through mom's purse?

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    I say it at least 3 times starting with previews druing the first episode. Mom said very angry "how dare you go through my purse".

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    Was it really her or was it an off camera voice then a shot of ma with the eyebrows?

    Yummy meal LG esp the gnocchi on the floor

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    Originally posted by fluff
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    Thanks for the nice welcome, Fluff!

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    I saw all three episodes and the promo for the purse fishing, they did NOT show it. I too thought it would be shown during the "do these tasks" segment but from the promo I'm almost certain it was Lisa digging in Mom's purse and she got booted. I was also disappointed that they would make such a big deal of something and then not show it, really odd since they take so much time to edit people to look really bad.

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    If one of the girls from the show happens to read this, can you answer the question about the purse? If you're not registered, you can e-mail me at admin@fansofrealitytv.com and I'll post it here. Thanks!

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