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Thread: Cuff Me, Arrest Me, Just Don't Hack Me. Meet My Folks The Maloney Family Part II

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    Thanks, John.

    Good luck to your Bucs.

    You know, this is a really great forum. I really get into a lot of these shows but my schedule is just so crazy that often times I can't even find time to set the VCR to record a show I want to see that I know I'm going to miss. With this forum, I can stay more connected. Thanks for being here and thanks for welcoming me into the fold.

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    Yeah, She really said there were 52 states and that pneumonia starts with "A".
    In all fairness though, by looking at the score board in the background it was obvious that there were A LOT of questions asked. We just got to see the ones that were answered badly.

    I think she must have heard AMMONIA.....

    I was suprised they booted lisa too. Not for the same reasons as you, but Stef doesn't seem like a great catch. Even knowing that you're not looking for a potential wife for your son, you'd still want him to go on the date with someone you like right?
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    Tawny has been on ever dating game show this past year. I have seen her on Blind Date, 5th Wheel and she went out with Screech. What is up with that? A professional dater hired by the network?

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    Yesterday I read a thread where a poster claimed Meet my Folks was fake. Since then I've read that Lisa was on MTV's Dismissed and that Tawny's been on every dating show there is.

    Let me offer a premise.

    Suppose Meet My Folks is generally on the level, the Maloneys are average people and most of the young ladies are just average people, but... the producer decided to throw in a few ringers too.

    I'm not saying these "ringers" followed a script, per se. But maybe they were told to be a "type" and to stay "in character."

    It's not unheard of. Lots of times when radio stations have hot leg or homemade bikini contests in clubs, they'll throw a couple of strippers in with the real contestants just to push the envelope a little bit in the hopes that all of the coeds and housewives will get into the same rowdy spirit.

    Could the producers have done such a thing? And if they did, how would that effect your feelings about the show? Would it make the show less credible?

    As for me, I'm not convinced they even did such a thing. It's just intriguing to think about.

    And if I found out they did such a thing, it wouldn't ruin it for me.

    It's still a great show. I can't remember the last time a show has captured my attention in such a way.

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    Oh say...

    I was just Googling to find more on Lisa by searching for both Meet My Folks and Dismissed. I didn't find anything on Lisa, unfortunately, but I did come across a USA Today article that says College student Michael Brughelli, 20, was invited after being spotted on an MTV reality show, Dismissed.

    So, there's probably nothing at all nefarious about us seeing a couple chicks on Meet My Folks who have been on other shows. Apparently the Meet My Folks people watch TV like we do and they recruit the people they see on other shows who they like.

    Nothing wrong with that...

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    cute young people who are not opposed to going on reality tv dating shows. Yup, I guess there is a niche market in that.
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    Great recap Cali!
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