Note: Yes, this is almost word-for-word from the Joe Millionare forum. However some items have been changed so, seriously, read it before you post.

Meet My Folks is a show that is going to attract people who really love this kind of show, and those who really hate this kind of show. With all that emotion roiling around, we want to make sure you are extremely clear on what our ground rules are:

1) No flaming, baiting, or harassment of other members, FOR ANY REASON. We're a friendly place. You can say what you want (within the context of these rules) about the people on the show - they signed up for it, they get what they get. But members are off-limits. And this goes for YOU, no matter if you're related to a contestant or just someone who hates reality TV. Whatever. Flame a member, face the music.

2) Keep things PG-13. If you absolutely HAVE to swear, then swear, but let's not make it a regular part of your speech. We have youngin's who visit regularly, and it better not get out of hand.

3) If you're just going to say "this show is stupid"", save your keystrokes and don't bother. There's no place for it here.

4) Normally, our staff is pretty laid-back. But on a forum like this one where people are bound to get riled up, we keep a pretty vigilant eye out. Anything straying near the line that would be acceptable anywhere else probably won't be tolerated here. And a word of warning - if your first couple posts are near the edge, then we'll be watching even MORE closely.

5) If you can't or won't follow these rules, then your account will be deleted and you will be banned from the site. We have too many members and visitors to coddle people and try to correct bad behavior, and frankly we don't really want to try. If you really want to behave badly, there are plenty of other forums around the internet that allow it. Go find one.

'Nuff said. Enjoy, and play nice.