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Thread: The Maloneys - Lisa

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    I'm computer illiterate

    Hey Thales:
    so how exactly do we get the pics off the google cache site you posted? It looks like it won't allow "copying" either. Thanks

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    the pictures in that google cache are the same ones on the chasemodels page. the size you see is all there is available. you can copy them just by saving them, they just won't be any larger than what you see.

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    Hey Gandjwhite and interested lurkers:

    To get past the copywrite protection turn javascript off. You probably know how already. If using IE go to "tools", then "internet options", click on the "security" tab at the top and use the "custom level" button to turn it off or simply re-set to "high".

    Werd is right and each picture is still small at 20k.

    I'm still waiting for babygurl949 to share more info about herself. Inquiring minds want to know!

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    damn, still no video grabs?!?
    does no one have this episode on tape?

    does anyone know if they'll re-run it?
    i'll sit there with my digital camera if it does.

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    I think your upset at Lisa for making you feel unwanted at Chase Models and I don't blame you for leaving... I have a good feeling that she's still there making herself & Chase money? I hope the battering comments about Lisa make you feel extra special and hopefully it'll help you with your modeling career???

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    Well, in response to your post...I left Chase because they were doing some shady business and it was not because of Lisa..and have i been constantly "battering" lisa on here? I've maybe posted 3 comments and they are all my very own opinions of her. I have not said anything else about your precious lisa since...and good for her if she is making herself and chase a lot of money! Have a wonderful day!!!

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    Please Help!

    hey does anyone still has pics of this lisa marie?
    all the pics in this thread arent working anymore!
    please can someone who still has the pics on their computer or something upload it?
    thanks in advance!

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