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Thread: The Maloneys - Lisa

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    Lisa is by far the hottest girl on the show. I think the roller girl was great but I think I taped over it accidentually. Oh, well. She was the one girl that acted shy (except for the RG). I think mom was threatened by her beauty. By the way, Im new, and just want to thank all the cool people for making my day.

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    Welcome Tommy

    I'm in Minneapolis too. What else can we do this week besides watch Meet My Folks inside to avoid freezing our tails off outside.
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    Lisa.. She looks familiar...

    I have been trying to figure out where I have seen Lisa before. Does anyone know if she has been on TV besides this show?

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    I think she was the girl on the bisexual dismissed. Actually, I'm pretty sure she was.

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    Dismissed, is that an MTV show? (I don't get MTV)

    If so, I'm sure someone here can confirm that, if it's true.

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    Lisa...what a loss

    Mero I couldn't agree with you more on Lisa. And she does look very familiar. Please share if you find that video. Or a website.

    Was she on dismissed?

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    What a joy it is to be among kindred spirits.

    Like a blazing comet burning out across a clear summer sky, I witnessed Lisa's all too brief appearance on Meet My Folks and wondered "Am I the only one who sees something incredibly special in Lisa?"

    Obviously not, thank God.

    As I think back on Lisa and try to put into words all of the intangible somethings that made her so special, I find that words can do her no justice.

    She reminded me of a taller, thinner, younger Laura San Giacomo.

    She exuded an aura of innocence. When she blew bubbles and roller skated, she was much more like an eleven year old girl from down the block than a sensual Playmate.

    She was a goddess, an enchantress, a vision of loveliness.

    She was whiff of honeysuckle rising above the stench of an all too often vapid cesspool of network television.

    She was a reason to watch Meet My Folks, a reason to watch TV, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, a reason to live.

    Maloneys must be mad.

    I can only hope NBC will have the intelligence to give Lisa her own mini-series.

    I can see her as Helen of Troy.

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    I think without a doubt that she is absolutely gorgeous. What a face and what a body.

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    Lisa truly had a Venus-like quality. Absolutely stunning!
    That body can go for miles! I have seen some posts calling her a waif (most likely from girls with "nice personalities")
    Personally, I would not call her waifish. Kate Moss is a waif.
    Lisa actually was in very good physical shape, and I prefer the women who are into fitness.
    I want the video from 1/21/03 if someone has it (VHS or MPEG, I don't care).
    Does anyone out there kow her last name?

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    Although I do have a good personality.....I'm not the "blind-date-good-personality-type... and I think she's too thin
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