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Thread: Lie Detector Segments

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    Lie Detector Segments

    Did you all realize that the lie detector segments are totally made up? I read somewhere in an interview with one of the women who had been on the show that the lie detector segments took a very long time to tape. And then...the information was cut and pasted so it created a more interest or drama.

    Therefore, the scenes of the lie detector needle squiggling around supposedly showing a "lie" may NOT have been connected to the question that was shown as being asked. The same way for Mr. Lie-Detector Man and his thumbs "up" or "down".

    One more piece of information that shows that reality TV is Faaaaar from reality

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    Well, not EXACTLY the way you seem to portray it here.

    In fact, the lie detector sessions are held twice, to ensure that the correct interpretations of the truthfulness of each contestant is being read. Any ambiguous responses (truth once, lie once) are disregarded and you never see them on TV.

    Also, the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" is done on the second test. And many more questions are asked than what you see on TV.

    Does anyone really expect that the "squiggly line shots" are actually of that particular question being asked?

    So, while the lie detector segments aren't all that you see on the show, in truth they're actually MORE than what you see on the show, not less as you've implied here.

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